Beowulf (2007)

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Beowulf, after a fight with Grendel, uses the door to chop off Grendel's arm. He flees back to his cave and dies but not before telling his mother (Angelina Jolie's character) that it was Beowulf who did this to him. Beowulf is in a dream-like state as Grendel's mother attempts to seduce him as the King's wife. In reality, she's killed all his men except one, who was preparing the boat for the supposed departure the next day. Together, the two of them venture to Grendel's cave where Beowulf goes into the cave by himself. He wants to kill Grendel's mother but instead, she proposes to him a deal: in exchange for killing her only son, Beowulf is to father her another child. She will reward him with money, a kingdom and fame. She also asks for that horn-shaped drinking cup (mentioned earlier) saying that as long as she possesses the cup, the deal is still on. Beowulf returns to the Hall proclaiming that he killed Grendel's mother. When questioned about how he did it, he offers vague answers. The King knows that Grendels' mother is not dead but instead, Beowulf has struck a deal with her (the same deal she struck with the King) The "curse" now lifted, the King feels free, proclaims Beowulf the new heir to his kingdom, and then he jumps from the cliff committing suicide. Beowulf takes the King's former wife as his new wife (but she now knows why the King didn't love her the same way anymore). Many years pass and Beowulf's relationship with his new wife is cold and he is not happy anymore despite the power, glory and fame attached to his name. A commoner in Beowulf's kingdom reveals he found the supposedly lost horn-shaped drinking cup out in the hills. Beowulf knows that this means the deal is off. The dragon (Beowulf's son) attacks the village setting it on fire. Beowulf eventually rips the heart out of the dragon, killing it, but he had to cut one of his arms (nearly all the way off) to do it. Both fall to the shore line down below. Beowulf's friend (the one who survived because he was tending tot he boat) is left the kingdom. As he prepares the funeral for Beowulf, he sees Grendel's mother approaches Beowulf's body (which is aboard a burning boat) and kiss it. Grendel's mother then appears tempting Beowulfs friend presumably to make the same deal. He stands there as he questions his options. Movie ends.

Jay H.

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All wide shots of Hrothgar's hall show it in the outer ward of his fortress, about two hundred metres from the towers on the edge of the cliff, with open ground on three sides and an embankment on the fourth. But later several characters are able to step straight out of the hall onto a balcony that overhangs the cliffs and sea below.



The strange language in which Grendel (and sometimes his mother) speaks is Old English (a.k.a Anglo-Saxon), the language in which the poem was originally written.