Corrected entry: Spectacular as they are, Denmark simply doesn't have the towering snow-capped peaks, soaring cliffs and thousand-foot deep chasms that appear in this movie. Most of the coastline is gently rolling green hills in the east coast, and plains, bogs and marshes on the west coast. In fact apart from overseas territories, the highest point in Denmark is a hill only 171 m high.

Correction: Denmark also didn't have dragons. The point is, the story is a legend, and everything in a legend gets embellished and exagerrated. Such as Beowulf's sea monster story where he was in a 5 day swimming race where he killed either 3, 9 or 20 sea monsters. In a legend, the 171 meter hill becomes a 1710 meter mountain.

Corrected entry: Ray Winstone - who voiced Beowulf, provided Beowulf's face, and did the performance capture acting for the modelling for the digital character - is also credited as the dragon. This despite the dragon being a completely digital character with no spoken lines. The reason is that Winstone also provided the performance capture acting for the dragon model! Other characters he modelled for include the "golden man" (a lot of which was cut), and the dwarf (appearing in the anniversary celebration play.).

Correction: Pointing out information that appears in the credits is not trivia.

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