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Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie, Dan drives into a gas station in New Jersey and pumps his own gas. It is illegal to pump your own gas in the state of New Jersey.

Correction: Dan is traveling from New Jersey to Rhode Island. Nothing suggests he hasn't already gotten as far as New York, Connecticut or even Rhode Island during the fuel stop scene. We see a sign for Interstate 95 prior to the fuel stop, which tells us he's already been on a highway. Also, he's pumping diesel fuel, not gasoline.


Corrected entry: Dan backs the station wagon into the police car, yet in later scenes the back of the car is shown and it has no damage at all.

Correction: It's an older car, made of metal. The police cruiser is a newer car that has a body with a lot of fiberglass pieces. Stands to reason there'd be no visible damage on Dan's station wagon but it was still able to damage the cruiser.

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Dan Burns: I don't want to go out with the pig... face.



In the scene when the mom is making sandwiches she picks up a piece of meat and puts it on the sandwich in her hand but then when the shot changes she is taking that same piece of meat and putting it on the same sandwich, and you can see that she isn't taking another piece and putting on the sandwich because you can see that all she has on the sandwich in her hand is a piece of lettuce.



Dianne Wiest (born 1948), who played Dan Burns' mother, Nora, is only fourteen years older than Steve Carell (born 1962).