Dan in Real Life

Dan in Real Life (2007)

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Dan (Steve Carell) tells his daughters that he'll spend more time with them, to listen better to what they want and that he's in love with Marie (Juliette Binoche). He decides to go after her and tell her how he feels. Since his license was taken by a cop, Jan gets to drive. Dan and his three daughters go to a gym to go see Marie. Dan writes in his column: "Dear readers, we shouldn't tell young people to plan ahead. We should tell them that they should plan to be surprised" (indicating his column is now syndicated by the group that interviewed him). During the end credits: some time later, Dan and Marie get married at his parents' house and everyone's dancing. Cara and Marty are a couple and Mitch (Dane Cook) hooks up with Ruthie (Emily Blunt).


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In the scene when the mom is making sandwiches she picks up a piece of meat and puts it on the sandwich in her hand but then when the shot changes she is taking that same piece of meat and putting it on the same sandwich, and you can see that she isn't taking another piece and putting on the sandwich because you can see that all she has on the sandwich in her hand is a piece of lettuce.