Kickboxer 4: The Agressor

Kickboxer 4: The Agressor (1994)

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During the tournament Tong Po, found out that Lando works for the DEA, and that Marcy has gave Lando info. Tong Po also finds out that David is fighting in the tournament. Tong Po, kills Marcy for her actions. Tong Po had the remaining fighters fight David, and David beats each one easily. Megan is the last person left but does not want to fight David. Tong Po says to either fight him or die, and Megan says that Tong Po will not give the prize money and will kill them all. David and Tong Po fight and Tong Po escapes, and Bill is killed by David.


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At the final fighting scene (David Sloan vs.Tong Po), you can see that Tong Po's hair (a half shaved head with only a ponytail on it) is as fake as it can be: everytime when he moves his head a bit to rough around (sweeping his ponytail around while fighting) clearly shows that he's wearing a special kind of wig attached to his head. That 'wig' is so badly attached that it looks like he's got rimples on the back and on top of his head.