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Corrected entry: During "Hey Jude," when the drunken man is beating the drums, he falls down at the end and drinks from the bottle - but he falls twice. Once when Jude is in front of him and a second time when Jude is walking away from the man with the kids.


Correction: Falling twice isn't a mistake. It's inline with what an inebriated person would do. He just got up "off camera" then fell again. They just didn't show on camera him getting back up. Also, the characters have advanced between shots, so it's not the same shot from different angles.


Corrected entry: At the beginning of 'with a little help' Max grabs four beers out of the fridge. There are five of them and they all somehow have a beer.

Correction: When Max jumps over the couch to sing to the poster on the wall behind it, he gives his beer to the fifth guy.

Corrected entry: After Max comes back from the induction he says 'I swallowed all those cotton balls and they never even took a damn x-ray" When in fact they did take a x-ray during 'I want you, she's so heavy".

Correction: There is no x-ray scene during that song.

Corrected entry: In the 1960's girls basketball (and they wouldn't have been called women) had restrictive rules, such as the following (modified from Wikipedia): a court divided into three areas and players could not cross the line into another area. Players were limited to three dribbles. The female basketball dance sequence was obviously based on more recent rules and not on those very restrictive rules which resulted in a different kind of basketball game.

Correction: Really, this is just a dance. You can't count choreography as a mistake.

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Lucy's Mother: Is that fashionable?
Max: Is what fashionable?
Lucy's Mother: Your haircut, or lack of one.
Lucy: Androgyny suits you, Max.



Near the end, when Lucy tries to get into the building, she is blocked by police officers holding clubs straight ahead in front of them. The scene cuts to a roof shot, then back again, and Lucy tries again, but the clubs are missing, the cops just have their hands out in front of them.



Not only are all of the main characters named after characters in Beatle's songs, most of the minor ones are too. For example, Rita the contortionist is from "Lovely Rita", Jude's Mother, Martha, is from "Martha My Dear", and Danny, Lucy's first boyfriend, is from "Rocky Raccoon."