Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh

Alice runs to her old house and runs into Mathew. They go to the slaves quarters, a huge flood occurs and the building is starting to be washed away. Alice finds the mirror, but the Candyman shows her his past. She is sympathetic but destroys the mirror anyway, destroying Candyman. Alice, Mathew and the other kids (who came to rescue Alice) leave happily ever after.Alice now has a daughter called Caroline (after Daniel's love) and she starts saying Candyman into a mirror, Alice stops her.


Revealing mistake: When Annie's boyfriend is killed, she runs over to Candyman and scratches his face open and bees pour out. You can easily see the head is a prop.

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Phillip Purcell: I believe in the myth. But the fact, the flesh and blood, no. I'm afraid not.

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Trivia: Bernard Rose, the director of the first film, wrote a script for this sequel that didn't focus on the Candyman character, but rather focused on the impact urban legends have on people. The studio felt the script was too cerebral and instead told Rose that people "just wanted to see Candyman eviscerate victims." A more traditional slasher-film script was then written and used.

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