The Karate Kid

Revealing mistake: When Daniel is running from Johnny and his gang after the bathroom incident at the dance, there's a lot of fog outside. If you look at one of the trees in the background, you can see that all the fog is being puffed out from behind the tree - obviously a fog machine.

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Revealing mistake: When Daniel is about to paint the fence of Mr. Miyagi, Mr. Miyagi tries to catch a fly with chopsticks. Daniel tries as well. You can see that this "fly" is attached to a wire or a nylon string, moving like a pendulum and bounces as if someone's pulling the string.

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Revealing mistake: When Mr Miyagi saves Daniel from Johnny, you can see that it's not Pat Morita jumping over the chain fence, but his stunt double (Fumio Demura).



Revealing mistake: In the final match between Daniel and Johnny, you can see Daniel covertly tap his left leg (the bad one) so that Johnny knows which knee to grab to hurt him.

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Revealing mistake: In the beginning when Daniel is pushing his bike towards the gate, you can see the shadow of the kid that gets hit by the gate getting into position.

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Ken Hogan
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