Mr. Woodcock

Continuity mistake: In the laundry room, after John jumps in the pool, he gets up to make sure Woodcock's gone and they show the back of John's head. He doesn't have the bald spot that the barber had just cut in his hair.

Continuity mistake: Right before John goes on Tyra, the makeup that was put on above his left eyebrow to cover the scar appears and disappears, revealing and unrevealing the scar between shots.

Continuity mistake: When John is at the pizza place after jogging, the sweat stain at the top of his shirt continuously changes.

Continuity mistake: When John Farley is sitting at the counter he gets upset and slams his fist down and hits a bowl of pretzels and chips, causing them to fly all over the place making a mess. In the next scene the bowl of pretzel and chips are there and there is no mess.

Continuity mistake: When John gets into his friend's van after he leaves the retirement home, they show his bald spot. While he gets out of the van, the spot completely disappears. When they show him from behind, walking towards the house in the next shot, the bald spot is back again.

Continuity mistake: When John is on Tyra, right after he gets up off the couch they show him and Maggie arguing in the kitchen. You see John hit Maggie's coffee out of her hand and we see some splash on her. After John leaves and Maggie sits in front of the camera on the couch, there is no sign of coffee anywhere on her.

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