Trivia: Yul Brynner, The Man in Black, has only 9 lines of dialogue throughout the movie, only 32 words. In the first saloon scene, Brynner intentionally bumps Richard Benjamin and says, "Sloppy with your drink"; after some silence, Brynner says to the bartender, "Get this boy a bib"; a few moments later, Brynner taunts again, "He needs his momma"; Benjamin finally summons the courage to speak, and Brynner replies, "You say something, boy?" Benjamin says Brynner talks too much, and Brynner challenges, "Why don't you make me shut up?" Whereupon, the two men square off for a duel, and Brynner finally says, "Your move." Later, about half-way through the film, when the Man in Black invades their hotel room, Richard Benjamin overhears Yul Brynner say the line "Not a word" to James Brolin. Even later, Brynner challenges Benjamin and Brolin in the street: Brynner first says, "Hold it," and shoots Brolin dead; Brynner then smiles at Benjamin and says, "Draw."

Charles Austin Miller

Trivia: Yul Brynner, whose Man In Black character was made famous in earlier American western movies, agreed to reprise the character in Westworld for only $75,000, because he sorely needed the money.

Charles Austin Miller

Trivia: When Yul Brynner chases Richard Benjamin into the android lab, Benjamin douses Brynner with concentrated hydrochloric acid (attempting to blind the killer android), and Brynner's face sizzles, bubbles and starts melting. The acid effect for this shot was achieved in a decidedly low-tech manner: Pulverized Alka Seltzer antacid tablets were mixed with Yul Brynner's facial makeup; Brynner's face was then doused with water, and the Alka Seltzer fizzed away Brynner's makeup as piped-in stage smoke swirled about his head. (01:16:50)

Charles Austin Miller

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John Blane: There's no way to get hurt in here, just enjoy yourself.

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