Westworld (1973)

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Plot hole: There's a huge, fatal flaw with the whole concept of having guns that cannot fire on human guests as it detects the body heat. Unfortunately it's a stone cold, 100% certainty that with the amount of gunplay going on in Westworld, virtually every day someone is going to be killed by a ricochet. Ricocheting bullets can and do kill people, and any scientist capable of designing guns like the ones they use in Westworld must know that. They aren't using frangible soft rounds like those used by prison guards - the gunfights are all characterised by the sharp, metallic sounds of ricocheting bullets. It's not a matter of legal liability, or the owners protecting themselves from lawsuits - it's a matter of people not paying to stay in a theme park where the chances of dying or sustaining life-changing injuries are are extremely high. Bad press would kill Westworld (and its sister theme parks) stone cold dead within days of the first bodies being brought out, the bodies of people being killed by ricocheting bullets.

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Suggested correction: The park could legally protect themselves from someone being injured by a ricochet. Not so easy when one of their bots directly killed someone.

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Trivia: Yul Brynner, The Man in Black, has only 9 lines of dialogue throughout the movie, only 32 words. In the first saloon scene, Brynner intentionally bumps Richard Benjamin and says, "Sloppy with your drink"; after some silence, Brynner says to the bartender, "Get this boy a bib"; a few moments later, Brynner taunts again, "He needs his momma"; Benjamin finally summons the courage to speak, and Brynner replies, "You say something, boy?" Benjamin says Brynner talks too much, and Brynner challenges, "Why don't you make me shut up?" Whereupon, the two men square off for a duel, and Brynner finally says, "Your move." Later, about half-way through the film, when the Man in Black invades their hotel room, Richard Benjamin overhears Yul Brynner say the line "Not a word" to James Brolin. Even later, Brynner challenges Benjamin and Brolin in the street: Brynner first says, "Hold it," and shoots Brolin dead; Brynner then smiles at Benjamin and says, "Draw."

Charles Austin Miller

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