Just Cause

Corrected entry: When they are about to electrocute Ed Harris, Sean Connery is on the phone. The lights go out for a short time, and the phone call cuts off. However, phone lines work even when electricity goes out.

Correction: While the phone lines continue to work the ability to use the phone is dependent on the type of actual telephone system used in the building. It is common in many larger facilities (like schools, jails and large office buildings) to use a internal network server that is dependant on electricity to function.


Corrected entry: A black prisoner recites a pithy profundity to his lawyer, played by Sean Connery, who correctly identifies the quote's author as W.E.B. DuBois, but gives the last name a French pronunciation (DuBwa) rather than its correct Anglicized pronunciation (DuBoys). DuBois' name is always mispronounced in Hollywood productions.

Correction: Character mistake, in that Connery's character was not aware of the proper pronunciation.

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Visible crew/equipment: As Sean Connery is by the stairs in Ed Harris' parents' house, a camera is visible moving into the room to the left of Sean Connery. (01:27:15)

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Paul Armstrong: Why is every fucking thing the real world except teaching?

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