Just Cause

Visible crew/equipment: As Sean Connery is by the stairs in Ed Harris' parents' house, a camera is visible moving into the room to the left of Sean Connery. (01:27:15)

Continuity mistake: The first time Sean Connery goes to see Ed Harris in jail, to leave the room, he had to press a buzzer. But the second time, he just pushed the door open and left - no buzzer this time.


Paul Armstrong: Why is every fucking thing the real world except teaching?

Tanny Brown: I hate pretty motherfuckers like you.

Paul Armstrong: Even if you don't have a condition, you might have a situation.
Blair Sullivan: You a killer too?
Paul Armstrong: Me? No.
Blair Sullivan: You never been in a war?
Paul Armstrong: No.
Blair Sullivan: Korea? Vietnam? You ever do a little hit and run with the BMW? Never told the wifey to get an abortion? A little piece o' chicken on the side - here's $300 dollars doll face, get taken care of.

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