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Corrected entry: When Allan meets Carl for the first time after coming out of the game, he asks what year it is, and Judy reminds him it is 1995. The badge on Carl's uniform states he has been serving in the police since 1974. The same day Allan gets sucked into the game, Carl is working at Parrish Shoes, not for the police. If this had been twenty six years prior to the events of the film, Carl would have been serving since 1969, not 1974.

Correction: 1974 to 1995 is 21 years. Alan disappeared in 1969 and Carl started working for the police 5 years after Alan disappeared.

Corrected entry: In 1969 when Alan and Sarah play Jumanji, when Sarah says "Alan, look!", if you look on the board game there are only two tokens on there, but all four tokens should be there. Later on all when Alan gets sucked in all four of them are on.

Cloude2 Premium member

Correction: There are only 2 tokens on the board the whole time, the ones Alan and Sarah are playing with. The other 2 tokens only get on the board when Judy and Peter start playing in 1995.


Corrected entry: After the stampede, the house was left with many huge holes, then later after the rain stops the house doesn't empty until Carl kicks in the front door.


Correction: The things that come out of the game stay until the game is over. The plants that had come out had continued to grow and blocked the holes.


Corrected entry: In the stampede scene, the glass in the (computer generated) car window bends like rubber. They even used a picture of that one moment for worldwide publicity posters.

Correction: The car is not computer generated, they actually used cables inside the car to "crush" it. Car windows are tempered glass and can flex quite a bit more than regular glass can. In fact, if you scene-step through this sequence, after the zebra passes the car and just before the rhinoceros jumps on it, the rear door crushes inward for no reason and this finally shatters the flexing window.


Corrected entry: When Carl's squad car gets folded in half by the plant, as the car tips on its side, you can see that the driveshaft isn't connected to the rear axle.


Correction: Well, yeah. The car got folded in half. It's well within the realm of possibilities the driveshaft would let loose under those conditions. A driveshaft is only held in by a splined tube connected to a universal joint. Stretch the axle away from the driveshaft, and it easily comes loose.


Corrected entry: At one point water rushes through the house, ripping the entire front of the house off. A few minutes later, the aunt runs up to the front of the house and tries to open the front door.

Correction: After the monsoon starts, the ground floor fills with water. As they are fighting the crocodile, the kids aunt runs up to the door with Carl who then kicks the door. Only then does the water rip the front doors off the house.


Corrected entry: Sarah rings her therapist as soon as she recovers from her faint in Alan Parish's living room, and she leaves a long involved message on his answering machine, asking him to ring her back. She doesn't leave a number! Was her shrink supposed to assume she's at the Parish's old house?

Correction: Character mistake: She's very upset and forgot to leave the number. This would only be a plot hole if the doctor actually did call her back at the Parish house, which he doesn't.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When Alan has a shave and says that he's never done it before, his face is covered in cuts. A few seconds later, his face is shown completely clear again.

Correction: Alan has four to five small nicks that he has put toilet paper on. As he leads Judy and Peter into the kitchen you see him pulling the toilet paper off his face. Tiny shaving cuts are barely visible after they stop bleeding; Alan was in the bathroom long enough for the cuts to dry.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: When the hunter traps the young girl and Sarah at the store and holds them at gun point, the young girl cracks a smile. Would you be smiling?

Correction: Character decision, not a movie mistake. She knows that Alan is Van Pelt's target; in fact, Van Pelt completely ignored Judy, Peter and Sarah when he first emerged at the house. Perhaps she's smiling because she knows she's not going to get shot.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: During the flood, the cop and the woman go up to the door. The cop draws his gun; just then the water rushes out at them. This much water would have probably caused him to lose his grip on the gun, and the last thing he'd be thinking about is putting it back, yet as he's floating down the street, his gun is back in the holster.


Correction: We don't see Carl drop the gun; we'll have to assume he held on to it and replaced it in the holster. With everything happening around him, holding onto the gun was probably one of his primary concerns.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: When Robin Williams and the cop are in the police car, they crash through the store (that the other three are in) because the brakes are cut. A few minutes later, the cop drives by the lady and stops without any problem. (You do see the cop pour some fluid into the car, but it would not affect the brakes, because you can actually see the hole in the brake line when they are trying to stop for the first time.)

Correction: After the crash they cut to another scene, then back to Carl filling the brake fluid. He must have repaired the line off-camera or the brakes would not work. He knew he was leaking brake fluid; he would not attempt to drive the car unless it was fixed.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: When Aunt Nora calls the house and Judy picks up the phone, the phone is very sitting neatly for something that would have been knocked askew since a great herd of elephants, rhinos and zebras just came running through the house.

Correction: We don't see it fall or get hit, so we'll have to assume it survived the stampede intact. If we saw it fall and then re-appear on the table without intervention it would be a movie mistake.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: When Alan arrives home with the Jumanji game, he starts to examine it in his lounge, then his Mother enters, and he slides the board game under the sofa. Then after he talks to his Mum, the camera cuts back to the game sitting under the sofa, yet now it is facing the other way, i.e has rotated 180°. You can clearly see this, because the board game has "JUMANJI" written on it, and the writing faces different directions in these two different shots.


Hamster Premium member

Correction: The game is in the same position under the sofa until Alan goes to get it after he decides to run away.

Corrected entry: During the scene when Alan is confronting the lion, there's a shot showing him throwing his knife into the floor, with the camera tracking the path of the knife. If you step-frame through this shot, you'll notice that the knife isn't really thrown. There are a couple frames where you can see both the blade of the knife that the actor is holding and the handle of a duplicate knife that's already embedded into the floor.


Correction: The requirement to use freeze frame invalidates this posting.

Corrected entry: In the third to last scene we watch young Alan and Sarah carrying a wooden box tied up by rope that contains the Jumanji game. They throw it off a bridge into a river in their hometown. But in the final scene we see that the board game alone is lying in the sand on a beach side in Spain. So the board game managed to break out of the box it was in, and travel all the way to spain. Highly improbable.

Correction: The entire movie is pretty much improbable. The rope could have rotted away. Fishes or wave action could have opened the box. People still throw bottle with messages inside into the oceans to see where they end up. Improbable doesn't always equal impossible.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Robin Williams handcuffs the cop to his police car, he handcuffs him to the window frame of the driver's side door. When they go to drive to the store to confront the hunter, Williams closes the driver's side door with no problem but you can see the handcuff around the window frame. That door would not have closed.

Correction: There is a gap between window frames and the car body, sealed by rubber mouldings. It's possible for a narrow object, like a handcuff, to allow the door to close because it compresses the rubber, it does not have to bend the frame at all.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Robin Williams tells Sarah that she needs a 12 to win, she rolls a 3. The next time she rolls, Robin tells her she needs a 7 to win.

Correction: The rules aren't that clear about the game. Maybe on her first roll, she moved 3 spaces, and after the consequences of that roll, the remaining spaces she needs to win have changed. Like snakes and ladders, at one point you may need 12 to win, but if hitting a snake or ladder, your remaining spaces after will be affected.

Except that if Sarah did roll a seven, she'd only be two spaces away from reaching Jumanji.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the mosquitoes are seen for the first time, and Kirsten Dunst hits one throught the attic window with a tennis raquet, you can see the shards of glass that the (computer-generated) mosquito knocked out of the window falling down the inside of the wall, which doesn't make sense - if the mosquito was going outwards, surely the glass would too?


Correction: Only the glass that the mosquito actually touched would go out; the rest of the glass that splintered and broke would simply fall down.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: Not everything in Jumanji goes back into the game at the end. We see the vines don't get sucked in, and neither do the spiders, bats, mosquitoes, alligator, or lion.

Correction: They do go back into the game, even though it's not shown. Because Alan and Sarah are back in 1969 at the end of the movie and Alan's house is normal, so the spiders, lion, etc. did go back.

Corrected entry: When Judy and Peter are waiting for the bus before school, they are standing next to the staircase. Peter has a piece of toast with jelly in his hand, when they hear the drums they run up the stairs, Peter still has the toast. After they reach the top the toast has disappeared. And there is no jelly on his fingers when he checks out the game, as there would be when a child runs upstairs with toast and jelly.

Correction: First, it is not impossible that he could have quickly snarfed down the piece of toast as they were going up the stairs. Second, it's not a mistake that he has no jelly on his fingers. He isn't that young and doesn't have to be a messy eater.

Corrected entry: While Alan is in the bathroom washing and tidying himself up, there is a shot of the lion in the bedroom. The lion yawns, without showing his tongue. Lions always stick out, or at least expose their tongues when they yawn.

Correction: But this is hardly a real lion; it is a special "Jumanji" lion that appeared from within a board game, and who is to say it is going act in exactly the same way as a "real" lion.

Mad Ade

Corrected entry: This was the first time CGI was used to create animals. The CGI artists said the most difficult part was making the lion's mane look realistic.

Correction: Jurassic Park, which came out two years before Jumanji, and started filming some five years before it, used CGI to create many of the dinosaurs. Though they are extinct, they are still considered animals.

Corrected entry: When Alan tells Sarah who he really is we see her faint. Look closely as she falls over. You can see her hair and earrings don't move around as she faints. CGI?

gandolfs dad

Correction: Look at the shot closely, the woman says, "Alan" right before falling over. While it's possible that the effects folks could have done a cross-dissolve from the real woman, there is no reason to do that for such a simple shot. She was not falling very fast at the beginning of the shot, so it's entirely possible that her hair and earrings would not move.

Corrected entry: When Alan gets beat up, his black eye appears immediatly. In real life, this doesn't happen.



Correction: Although normally it doesn't happen it very well can. I have seen two cases where someone has gotten hit in the eye and the black eye appears instantly.

Corrected entry: During the monsoon, no water ever escapes through the house's doors. Water never leaks underneath the doors, or through the locks.

Correction: Given the entire concept of the movie, this is no more of a mistake than anything else that happens.


Corrected entry: The young Alan (Adam Hann-Bird) has brown eyes. The older Alan (Robin Williams) has blue eyes.

Correction: Not true. Both have bluish green eyes.

Corrected entry: When the Yellow Pod's "root" raps around Peter's Leg, nobody tries to get it off. But, still, in the next scene, the "root" is miraculously gone.

Correction: Not a mistake. The yellow pod vine wraps around Peter's right leg. Alan then uses a sword to chop the vine in half, leaving the remainder of the vine still wrapped around Peter's leg. The root around his leg is partly visible throughout that scene, until it cuts to the scene of Carl finding his car after it had been stolen by the monkeys. It then cuts back, and we see Alan tying the lounge doors up with a vine. So during the time space there was during the "Carl" scene, Peter, or someone else could easily have unwrapped the vine from his leg.

Hamster Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where they finally finish the game and the hunter is going to shoot Allen but Sarah jumps in front of him, everything is getting sucked back into the game. The bullet in front of them is being pulled backward but Sarah's hair is being blown in the opposite direction. It should be blowing in the same direction.

Correction: That's because she didn't come from a game. The bullet didn't, but it was a "part" of Van Pelt.

Corrected entry: In the alligator scene, Alan's jacket disappears then appears etc. between shots.

Hamster Premium member

Correction: It's hard to see, but Alan throws his jacket to the floor, it doesn't disappear. It then never comes back.

Corrected entry: When they first find the game in the attic, the girl pulls out the pieces. She never closed the compartment that held the pieces and the dice, but after the pieces flew out on to the board she opened the compartment again to take out the dice.

Correction: Actually the little boy takes the pieces out of the compartment and closes it. Then when he takes the dice out the compartment is already open without anyone opening it.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Robin Williams had just shaved, he walked out of the bathroom door with tiny pieces of toilet paper all over his face because he hadn't shaved in such a long time. In the next shot, when he is at the refrigerator, there's no trace of paper on his face.

Correction: Kirsten Dunst had just made fun of him so he might have just removed the pieces of toilet paper.

Corrected entry: Despite the fact that young Alan had no driving ability (as he rides a bike), it seems odd that he is able to do perfect power slides after his older self picks up the cop.

Correction: That's not a perfect power slide - it's an uncontrolled skid.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Alan is sinking through the wooden floor in the attic, he sinks all the way until only his face and hands are still above the floor. When the aunt walks into the house she sees Alan's body only from the waist down dangling from the ceiling.

Correction: His chest and neck are in between the floor of the second level and the ceiling of the first.

Corrected entry: When Van Pelt fires at Alan and misses, he is looking through the scope and still misses. But in the street he manages to hit the street light without aiming and holding the gun under his arm, not the best way to aim.

Correction: During the movie he needs to replace his gun as his ammo runs out. Perhaps this new gun (with the scope) is less familiar to him, causing him to miss, while the first gun he had, he's had for years, giving him time to get used to it.


Corrected entry: In the monsoon scene, the house fills up with water. How is this possible when the back half of the house has been ripped off by the stampede? Wouldn't the water rush out of the back?

Correction: The house IS overgrown with the vines, perhaps they made a tight enough seal in that area that only some of the water is leaking out. After all, they would have ventured out that hole for sunlight.

Corrected entry: In the scene with the monsoon, an alligator is seen swimming. Later, Sarah puts her feet on the alligator, stopping it from biting. Then we see another one nearly biting Peter, and then it goes back to Sarah and the alligator in the same position as before. But there's only one alligator in that scene.

Correction: There are actually two crocodiles (not alligators) in the scene. They were washed out of the house when the front doors were opened by the cop and the aunt.

Corrected entry: Alan manages to escape the cop by handcuffing his hand to the car door. To ensure that the cop can't drive after him, he throws the keys into the brush. But when he gets back in the car to go to Sir Sav-A-Lot, the keys are back in the ignition.

Correction: He doesn't throw the car keys, he threw the handcuff keys.

Corrected entry: In the end when Alex and Sarah see the kids and their parents, neither of the kids remember anything about the game or the car crash, but Alex and Sarah remember. Shouldn't they remember what happened if Alex and Sarah did?

Correction: Why would they? The game "reset" time to years before either of the kids were born. In a way, they "finished" the game Alan and Sarah began when they were young, so only the original participants in THAT game (Alan and Sarah) would remember what went on during the game.

Corrected entry: Watch Judy's face after she walks off crying after she tells the woman about her parents' death. She is very nearly laughing.

gandolfs dad

Correction: Of course she's laughing she just told a silly lie about how uncaring and unloving her parents were and then how they died, all of which were untrue. Their parents loved them and took care of them and died in a skiing accident not a sinking yacht.


Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, when Alan rolls the dice, one die falls onto the floor, missing the gameboard. Yet when he is hugging Sarah, both are back on the board.

Correction: When the game is finished everything goes back to the way it was before they started the game,therefore all the pieces would be there.

Corrected entry: At the end when the hunter tries to kill Robin Williams, the kids finish the game just before the bullet reaches his head, making the game suck back everything it produced, thus saving his life. He should have died, because the gun he used wasn't from the game, he had bought it from a gun shop.

Correction: No, when the game reset everything, the hunter never existed and so he could not physically buy the gun, therefore the gun couldn't kill Robin Williams, because the gun was never there.

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Sarah Whittle: A little rain never hurt anybody.
Alan Parrish: Yeah, but a lot can kill ya.



When Alan is trapped on the floor, and the game is placed over his head, Sarah rolls the dice which fall on the lower left corner. When the angle changes they've moved further to the right.



Jonathan Hyde plays both Mr. Parrish and the villain Van Pelt - a nod to Peter Pan, in which the same actor usually plays both Mr. Darling and Captain Hook. Interestingly, Robin Williams had played Peter Pan in Hook a few years earlier.