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Corrected entry: When Robin Williams and the cop are in the police car, they crash through the store (that the other three are in) because the brakes are cut. A few minutes later, the cop drives by the lady and stops without any problem. (You do see the cop pour some fluid into the car, but it would not affect the brakes, because you can actually see the hole in the brake line when they are trying to stop for the first time.)

Correction: After the crash they cut to another scene, then back to Carl filling the brake fluid. He must have repaired the line off-camera or the brakes would not work. He knew he was leaking brake fluid; he would not attempt to drive the car unless it was fixed.

BocaDavie Premium member

Replacing the fluid and repairing the line (more like replacing the line) would not make the brakes work correctly. You would also have to bleed the air from the line at each caliper or wheel cylinder, which takes specialized tools and quite a bit of time.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Robin Williams tells Sarah that she needs a 12 to win, she rolls a 3. The next time she rolls, Robin tells her she needs a 7 to win.

Correction: The rules aren't that clear about the game. Maybe on her first roll, she moved 3 spaces, and after the consequences of that roll, the remaining spaces she needs to win have changed. Like snakes and ladders, at one point you may need 12 to win, but if hitting a snake or ladder, your remaining spaces after will be affected.

Except that if Sarah did roll a seven, she'd only be two spaces away from reaching Jumanji.

Continuity mistake: When the Aunt flags down the cop car, the cop has his seat belt on, as the plant starts coming in the car to grab him and the car. He jumps out of the car without ever undoing his seat belt. (01:14:45)

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Question: When Alan has reached Jumanji, why were the bullet and rifle pulled into the game? They weren't from the game, but purchased by Van Pelt from a gun store.

Answer: The game is essentially "resetting reality" back to the point Alan was first sucked into the game. So it is undoing everything that has been done - including taking away the gun and bullets Van Pelt had purchased.

Answer: The gun and bullets may have been from the real world but they were Van Pelt's property. He purchased them at the gun store. Apparently the game pulls in Van Pelt and anything of his he was using to hunt Alan. It makes sense that the game would do this because Alan defeats Van Pelt by following the rules of the game. Having Van Pelt be able to simply purchase a gun in the real world and kill a player with it even after they've completed the game would be a huge cheat.


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