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Corrected entry: While Alan is in the bathroom washing and tidying himself up, there is a shot of the lion in the bedroom. The lion yawns, without showing his tongue. Lions always stick out, or at least expose their tongues when they yawn.

Correction: But this is hardly a real lion; it is a special "Jumanji" lion that appeared from within a board game, and who is to say it is going act in exactly the same way as a "real" lion.

Mad Ade

Corrected entry: In the scene where Robin Williams tells Sarah that she needs a 12 to win, she rolls a 3. The next time she rolls, Robin tells her she needs a 7 to win.

Correction: The rules aren't that clear about the game. Maybe on her first roll, she moved 3 spaces, and after the consequences of that roll, the remaining spaces she needs to win have changed. Like snakes and ladders, at one point you may need 12 to win, but if hitting a snake or ladder, your remaining spaces after will be affected.

Except that if Sarah did roll a seven, she'd only be two spaces away from reaching Jumanji.


Continuity mistake: When the Aunt flags down the cop car, the cop has his seat belt on, as the plant starts coming in the car to grab him and the car. He jumps out of the car without ever undoing his seat belt. (01:14:45)

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Sarah Whittle: A little rain never hurt anybody.
Alan Parrish: Yeah, but a lot can kill ya.

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Trivia: In one of the towns this movie was filmed in (Keene, NH), a Parrish Shoe sign was painted on the side of one of the buildings. It is still there.

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Question: When Judy was stung by that plant and she collapsed, I never really understood what happened. She collapsed but was she poisoned and killed or just paralyzed? Anybody have the faintest idea? That's the only bit I never understood. I thought she was shot by poisonous darts...

Hamster Premium member

Answer: Since the barb was poisonous, she was dying. This is seen when she begins looking pale and a few seconds later she isn't moving. Finishing the game was the only way to save her life.

Chosen answer: She was just temporarily immobilized by the venom - it wears off after a few minutes.

The Doctor

No, it doesn't. Alan said the purple plants shoot poisonous barbs. After being hit, by them, Judy was slowly being poisoned to death.

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