Factual error: The main character of the movies buys a pistol that is a 1911 Colt, which fires the .45 round. However, when the police show up at the warehouse, and see the shell casings, they mention as belonging to a .38.

Factual error: At the start of the movie, Peters attempts to save her brother from a car bomb. He is bound in the driver seat, and on the steering wheel is at least 5 sticks of dynamite and a digital timer. Just before it explodes, Peters is reaching into the car, grabbing for her brother, and her face is at the open window. The screen goes white as the blast occurs. We next see Peters five months later, wearing bandages on her hands. Five sticks of TNT exploding within 24 inches of one's face will disassemble you, your brother, his car and a significant amount of ancillary scenery. You don't go to work five months later and you don't have hands to wear bandages.


Factual error: When the bus explodes you can see a taxi with Polish symbols on top of it. The film is set in the USA and although I don't live there, I know they don't have those symbols.

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