Continuity mistake: In the end Montoya fires the gun then presses it to his neck to cauterize the wound. However if you watch he never touches the gun to his neck.


Continuity mistake: In the first part of the movie, when Jack and Montoya returned to the Sun God Motel for burning their friends, there is a wound in Jack's neck. But in the next shot it is not there.

Continuity mistake: Towards the end when Montoya tells Jack that a master vampire can't be killed at night, the sun changes from daylight to dark then back again.


Continuity mistake: When Montoya saves Jack from the cross, Jack moves his head down to the left, then in the next shot it's to the right.


Other mistake: When Daniel Baldwin carjacks the guy at the gas station (director Frank Darabont in a cameo) we can clearly see that his car is a Cadillac. However, in the end credits he is listed as "Man with Buick."

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Jack Crow: If you think that I won't kill you because your a priest, you are seriously misjudging the wrong mother fucker!

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