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Corrected entry: When a head (master) vampire is killed, anyone they turned into a vampire turns back human. Katrina should have turned back to human as soon as Jack killed Valek, since Valek was the one who first bit her.

Correction: While vampires have a long and storied film/video history, there are many different legends about vampires and in this film, the writers obviously don't subscribe to that particular legend.

Corrected entry: Right at the beginning - when the team attacks the first goon in the house - they shoot her with the arrow that is attached to the Jeep. As it winches her out she grabs hold of something on the floor to stop herself. Jack shoots her hand off and she carries on. However, when she gets outside, she has both her hands.

Correction: She doesn't have both her hands. One hand is covered in a special effects sleeve made to look like a stump.

Corrected entry: When Daniel Baldwin is offering the girl a hamburger in the hotel room, after giving her a cigarette, he starts to sit down on the bed and runs his hand into the cigarette she has in her hand. He follows through with a quick jerk from the cigarette but manages to continue the scene.

Correction: How is this a mistake? In real life people accidentally burn each other with cigarettes. Maybe it wasn't scripted, but it isn't really a movie mistake.

Corrected entry: Shouldn't Katrina have burst into flames when the sun rose at the end? She's a fully-fledged vampire, after all.

Correction: There were several shots throughout the entire film when vampires exposed to sunlight reacted before bursting into flame. While she was struggling, Montoya threw her into the back of the van, so she was saved.

Continuity mistake: In the end Montoya fires the gun then presses it to his neck to cauterize the wound. However if you watch he never touches the gun to his neck.


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Jack Crow: If you think that I won't kill you because your a priest, you are seriously misjudging the wrong mother fucker!

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