Vampires (1998)

9 mistakes - chronological order

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Other mistake: When Daniel Baldwin carjacks the guy at the gas station (director Frank Darabont in a cameo) we can clearly see that his car is a Cadillac. However, in the end credits he is listed as "Man with Buick."

Revealing mistake: When Montoya uses a spear to toss the vampire woman from the prison door into the sunlit street, it is an obvious dummy that has been used. First you see the woman stumble out, and the first flames shoot out of her, then the angle changes to a close-up of her as she is engulfed in fire. In the close-up, she has become bigger and rounder, and does not move.


Continuity mistake: In the end Montoya fires the gun then presses it to his neck to cauterize the wound. However if you watch he never touches the gun to his neck.


Plot hole: In the scene where Katrina is watching through Valek's eyes as he kills father Molina, Crow orders father Giteau to "find out where an old padre is missing". But Katrina never described father Molina, all she said was "He killed the priest". Crow could not have known the age of the man who was killed.


Continuity mistake: In the first part of the movie, when Jack and Montoya returned to the Sun God Motel for burning their friends, there is a wound in Jack's neck. But in the next shot it is not there.

Other mistake: When Valek and the other master vampires arise from under the ground, which is supposed to be after the sun has set, shadows are cast on their faces from a light directly above them.

Continuity mistake: Towards the end when Montoya tells Jack that a master vampire can't be killed at night, the sun changes from daylight to dark then back again.


Continuity mistake: When Montoya saves Jack from the cross, Jack moves his head down to the left, then in the next shot it's to the right.


Jack Crow: If you think that I won't kill you because your a priest, you are seriously misjudging the wrong mother fucker!

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