28 Weeks Later

Continuity mistake: When Andy gets sprayed with blood at the virus outbreak scene, when a sniper saves his life the blood splatter changes several times over the movie. (00:54:15)

Continuity mistake: Don attacks a man in the underground carpark and thumbs out his eyes as he did with his wife. The man gets up in the next shot perfectly OK.

Continuity mistake: After Don escapes from the house at the beginning of the film, the infected are right behind him. He manages to escape in the boat but when the following shots show the river, there is no sign of any bodies or blood (despite one infected being killed by the boats propeller) or any disturbances on the surface apart from waves being caused by the boat. There is no chance that the infected could have all gotten out of the river so quick (including the dead infected body) without leaving so much as a splash. (00:10:35)

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