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Trivia: In the closeups of Goob on the baseball field, there are two billboard advertisements on the fence behind him - one is Jungle Book featuring Mowgli with Baloo, and the other is Toy Story 2 featuring Woody, Jessie, and Bullseye.

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Trivia: The elementary school is named Joyce Williams as a reference to William Joyce, the writer of the book on which the film is based.


Trivia: When discussing Wilbur's family, he says his dad Cornelius looks like Tom Selleck. Tom Selleck is the one who provides the voice for the adult Cornelius Robinson.


Trivia: There is an alternate ending where Lewis tries to see his mother's face using the memory scanner.


Trivia: The paintings in the Robinsons' place are signed by Ruppel, aka Robh Ruppel, the art director of the film.


Trivia: The logo of the baseball team where Goob plays is a tribute to the book Dinosaur Bob, also written by William Joyce.


Trivia: A reference to the DeLorean from Back to the Future - on Louis' notebook there is a drawing of a flying car with the tires in horizontal position.


Trivia: Towards the end while Louis and Wilbur are calling Goob, on the bushes there is the Mickey Mouse logo but head down.


Trivia: Director Stephen J. Anderson plays the voice of Bowler Hat Guy, Grandpa Bud and Tallulah.


Other mistake: Right at the beginning of the movie, when Lewis's real mum picks him up from the box and hugs him, it's no more than three seconds before she hears Lewis from the future slipping on the step. She gets scared and puts baby Lewis back in the box. When Wilbur takes Lewis to meet his mum, near the end of the movie, the time his mum holds the baby is more than twenty five seconds.

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Question: Why would the pretty girl who plays with the trains be married to the obese, immobile Uncle Joey? Also, what is the joke when the old man says "That's Uncle Joey. He works out"?

Answer: Well you don’t have to be 'good looking' to be married. Second it is just meant to be ironic when he says "That's Uncle Joey. He works out" because when you work out you're meant to be in good shape but obviously he isn't so it seems in the future working out is what we call now, a slob.


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