Meet the Robinsons

Lewis is Wilbur's father. The evil guy with the bowler hat is an adult Michael "Goob" Yagoobian. When he was a kid, at the orphanage, Goob was responsible for his baseball team losing a game because he didn't get enough sleep because Lewis was working all night on the memory scanner; that baseball game led to Goob not getting adopted and hating Lewis. Years later, Goob teamed up with one of Lewis' inventions that was discarded and supposedly de-activated: a robot bowler hat (Doris) that became too smart and wanted to enslave humans. Lewis, in the future, wishes that he never had invented Doris and humanity is saved. Lewis goes back in time to the science fair and fixes his memory scanner because without ever inventing it in the present, then he won't be adopted, the Robinson family won't exist and he won't be a successful inventor. Wilbur and Lewis go back to the past when Lewis was left by his mother at the orphanage but Lewis decides to let her go and not meet her. The two then go the present and Lewis, before returning to the science fair, wakes up Goob just in time so that he can help his team win the baseball game. After Lewis fixes the memory scanner, it's revealed that the hyper active, caffeine patch woman and her husband are Lewis' adoptive parents (remember the old man who wears his clothes backwards); and the little girl with the frogs experiment is Lewis' future wife. Goob is adopted and the caffeine patch woman and her husband adopt Lewis and he starts working on more inventions...


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