The Namesake

The Namesake (2006)

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Directed by: Mira Nair

Starring: Kal Penn, Irrfan Khan, Jacinda Barrett, Tabu

Genres: Drama

Plot hole: When Ashima's brother calls up Ashoke to inform him about the demise of Ashima's father, his head is shown as shaven. It is just the following day after the death of the father, as he himself declares. However according to Bengali customs, the hair is not shaven off until the thirteenth day after the death of a father.

Continuity mistake: In the scene just before Ashoke travels to Ohio, his moustache is primarily black with a bit of grey at the edges. The scene that immediately follows, when he arrives in his apartment in Ohio, shows Ashoke having a completely grey moustache.

Factual error: In a bleak snowy cityscape that depicts New York City in the late 1970's, there is a small satellite dish attached to a rooftop. It is the kind that DirectTV and the Dish network employ today, but probably not at the time period in question.

Continuity mistake: Asoke tells Gogol that when he was injured in the train accident, he had just one book with him: 'The Overcoat' by Gogol. Yet when he is rescued in the flashback, he holds pages from the book 'The Collected Tales and Plays of Nikolai Gogol' (01:03:10)


Continuity mistake: In the airport scene, while the family is returning to India after the death of Ashima's father, we cannot find baby Sonia at all. In fact Ashima's both hands have been shown to be free; even Ashoke is shown to not have Sonia. However after a few shots suddenly the baby can be seen being carried by Ashima.

Factual error: When Gogol's grandfather receives the picture of baby Gogol, the envelope has $0.37 stamps that were not issued until 2003. But Gogol was born in the 1970s as evidenced by the inscription in the book his father gave him for graduating high school, dated 1995. (00:25:50 - 01:51:30)


Moushumi Mazumdar: I detest American television.

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