Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles

The story is told to a young reporter in San Francisco in the 1990's by a vampire recounting his life of darkness.Louis was a wealthy sugar plantation owner in New Orleans in the late 1700's. His wife and daughter die and he is distraught, not caring if he himself lives or dies. He gets drunk in bars in New Orleans trying to drown his sorrows when he catches the eye of Lestat, a vampire. Lestat eventually attacks Louis and gives him the choice of life as a vampire or death, he chooses to become a vampire. The story then tells of Louis' struggle to take human life and live as a vampire and how they made a young girl a vampire and lived for many years as a macabre 'family', preying on the wealthy and elite of the time. Louis and the girl Claudia eventually escape Lestat's tyranny by killing him and fleeing to Paris to find a group of vampires to try and answer Louis' eternal question of how vampires became to be and how can such evil exist. These questions cannot be answered but another vampire has found out that Louis & Claudia have killed their own kind. Claudia get's murdered by the Parisian vampires in revenge but Louis get's rescued by the leader of this group and promptly sets about killing them all by fire (except the leader). The story eventually brings us into the 1990's where we discover Lestat did'nt die after all and Louis still roams the streets.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Louis is transforming into a vampire, he finally stops crawling around and lies on the ground. There are two leaves in his hair on either side of his head. We then see a shot of Lestat and then back to Louis and the leaves are gone. (00:13:40)

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Lestat: Should we put out the light? And then put out the light. But once put out thy light, I cannot give it vital breath again. It needs must wither.

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Question: I never would have picked Tom Cruise for that role, but he did a fabulous job. However, I was wondering who else the casting people considered, and what made them choose Tom Cruise?

Answer: Daniel Day Lewis was offered the part, but turned it down. There's also a rumour, that I've never seen confirmed, that Johnny Depp was approached - if true, he presumably said no. The studio wanted a good name in the role (Lewis was riding high in Hollywood after "The Last of the Mohicans", Depp was very much an up-and-coming actor at the time) so Cruise would have seemed like an obvious choice. He was initially cast against the wishes of Anne Rice (who created Lestat with Rutger Hauer in mind) - after seeing his performance, however, she made a public apology for doubting him.

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