Trivia: When Mike joins the first foursome of girls on the bar's porch, he asks 'Jungle Julia' if she's the person on a billboard near the Big Kahuna Burger restaurant. This is a fictitious joint also featured in Pulp Fiction during the scene when Travolta and Jackson kill the college guys.


Trivia: The first posters for the "Planet Terror" segment of this film showed Rose McGowan's left leg with the machine gun leg, while the movie trailer shows it as her right. Newer posters had to be made to fix this mistake, as it is her right leg in the film.


Trivia: In Planet Terror, JT slides a pack of cigarettes over to Wray when he first walks into The Bone Shack. The brand name for these cigs is Red Apple, a regular in Tarantino films.

Trivia: Planet Terror actually makes reference to Death Proof. When Tammy's car breaks down for the second time, right before she turns off the radio, a man is heard saying, "Dedicated to our own Jungle Julia, in loving memory." Jungle Julia is a main character in Death Proof that ends up dying, ironically by getting her right leg ripped off.

Trivia: The duck's head hood ornament on Stuntman Mike's car is the same one used in Convoy (1978). A tip of the cap to the Sam Peckinpah film.

Mark Pitta

Trivia: Stuntman Mike's black '70 Chevy Nova wears a Tennessee tag with number '938 DAN'.which is the same number seen on the California tag on the yellowish-green '69 Charger in 'Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry', which is mentioned in the dialogue of this film. Yet another homage to 1970s car chase flicks. (01:35:55)


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Pam: So how exactly does one become a stuntman?
Stuntman Mike: Well, in Hollywood, anyone fool enough to throw themselves down a flight of stairs can usually find someone to pay them for it. But really, I got into the business the way most people get into the stunt business.
Pam: How's that?
Stuntman Mike: My brother got me in it.
Pam: Who's your brother?
Stuntman Mike: Stuntman Bob.



Mike avoids colliding head-on with a pickup by swerving off the road into a farm field. He does this after passing a tractor and flatbed truck to his right. The shot changes and he is turning off the road into the field between the tractor and truck.