In the Line of Fire

Factual error: When Frank talks to Booth the first time on the phone and realizes he's at the phone outside, he runs to find him, only to find the handset swinging and the phone emitting the periodic screech that is heard after 1 minute of leaving a phone off hook. Seeing as how the apartment is three stories max, there's no way that sound would be playing by time he got there even if Booth somehow hung up first. Furthermore, even if it did take that long, the handset wouldn't still be swinging. (00:14:45)


Factual error: Considering there are 229 people protecting the president, it is a pretty serious security breach that the sharp shooters at the end do not have night vision on their rifles.

Factual error: When Leary shoots at the president, the outer security ring of agents is missing. This is a standard protocol. There are 4 Secret Service agents immediately around him, and a secondary ring of 8-10 agents to handle things like a shooter.

Factual error: The second time Frank speaks with Booth, the line is being traced. When Frank switches over, Okura tells him to keep Booth on the line until they get the ANI (automatic number identification). Assuming the secret service has access to the phone company's internal computer (since you have to have toll-free service or be a customer of an ANI outsourcing company to receive the subscription based info), ANI only says who the phone is registered to and since the call was being tapped they would've had the ANI information before the call was picked up. This still holds true if the ANI is faked by a well built PBX system (as said later). (00:24:10)


Factual error: When the motorcade arrives at the hotel, the Secret Service agent opens the door to his limousine and the President gets out. The door is then almost immediately shut. Proper procedure for the Secret Service is to hold the door open until the President is well away from the car, in case of an incident where the President has to be evacuated from the area quickly. (01:19:10)

Revealing mistake: When Frank is hanging off the roof, there is a pipe from which he tries to cling to. The first time we see it there is a white line where it will break. The next time we see it (just before it breaks) the line has been coloured in.

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Frank Horrigan: You're looking at a living legend, Lilly. The only active agent who ever lost a president.

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Trivia: When the president goes to a town outside Atlanta, the footage is from President George Bush's visit to Woodstock, GA when he was running against Bill Clinton in 1992. They super-imposed the president from the movie into the shot.

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Question: I've always wondered if Booth shot those hunters because he was pissed off at that one guy for shooting the duck; or because he felt it was the perfect time to test the effectiveness of his home made gun. Any thoughts on this?


Chosen answer: The two hunters had now seen his face so they had to be killed. If they reported Booth to the police as "a weirdo in the woods with a powerful gun" (or whatever) his face would become known to the authorities and his chances of getting anywhere near the president would be zero.


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