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Corrected entry: When Frank is hanging from the building after chasing Mitch, he becomes exhausted and is barely able to hold himself up. Mitch then takes Franks hand and throws him to safety without any struggle. Mitch is a smaller and lighter person than Frank. He could not have held Frank for the approximate 10 seconds and then with ease thrown him to the stairway platform.

Correction: We don't know what Mitch's strength or ability is to decide whether or not he can hold Frank's weight. Frank is 6'4" and slim and Mitch is 6'1" and stocky; so he very well could have held Frank and thrown him onto the stairs.

Mister Ed

Corrected entry: The scene where Frank is talking to Mitch Leary and the agents trace the call to the apartment building, it can plainly be seen that the police officer gets out of the car without putting the car in park. He has to get back in and put the car in park.


Correction: Every police officer I know, myself included, has done this at least once.

Corrected entry: When John Malkovich and Clint Eastwood are in the elevator after the attempt on the President, Malkovich busts out the elevator lights so the sharpshooters can't see them. If you put it on Slow Motion, you can see that each light turns off just before he smashes them.

Correction: Refer to rules of site. If you have to use slow-motion to reveal this mistake, then it is not a mistake.

Corrected entry: The Secret Service massively under-reacts to Leary shooting at the president. Their policy is to keep their weapons off safety so that if they have to they can shoot quicker. They should have opened up on him with a hail of gunfire even if Horrigan was in the way. Watch the Reagan shooting and see how they normally react.

Correction: No one opened fire after Reagan was shot. They surrounded Reagan, threw him into the car and tackled Hinckley.


The original mistake is correct. Reagan was immediately taken away and Hinkley was tackled by a number of policemen and agents. Evacuation happens in the movie but no-one goes after Booth, only 1 agent pulls his weapon and does not fire at the assassin! The outer ring of agents is completely missing so there is no-one to react.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Eastwood is chasing Malkovich after he call hims from the pay phone across the street in the park, Malkovich darts across the path of a passing bus to disappear. If you watch the bottom of the bus, you can see Malkovich's footsteps as he runs to the right (the same direction the bus is heading) to create the appearance that he disappeared into thin air once the bus had gone by.

Correction: Leary has to disappear somehow - given that the film's grounded in some sort of reality, he can't genuinely have just vanished into thin air. We can see Malkovich's feet moving behind the bus because that's exactly how Leary did it.


Corrected entry: When Frank and Al break into Leary's house, they smash the top window, but climb through the bottom.

Correction: They break the top window so they can reach in and unlock the bottom.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Clint is running to catch John after his first phone call, the pay phone is emmiting an off the hook sound even though Clint nor John hung up.

Correction: Booth could have tapped the "hook" with his hand.


Corrected entry: When Frank dials in the name SKELLHAM he presses the wrong numbers(he presses 9 when he should press 2 for A).

Correction: The name is "Skellum", not "Skellham". "Skellham" doesn't match what is written on the piece of paper where the clue is found, and it has too many letters for a 7-digit phone number. The number that Frank presses is an 8, which is correct for "U".

Phil C.

Corrected entry: Booth mentions that JFK did not want Secret Service agents on the bumpers of the car. This is a misconception. His agents repeatedly stated that JFK was more than happy to accept all security that was provided. The only thing he asked was if the security bubble over the car could be taken off when he met people, as he liked to do that. He did not insist on this, however; his security team decided it was fine - with disastrous results, of course.

Correction: This is irrelevant to the film. The film is a work of fiction and this is merely a character expressing an opinion - it does not need to be disproved. Please confine trivia items to information that actually has significant bearing on the film itself.


Corrected entry: There have been rumours since day one that JFK had a deathwish as Booth states in the film. This was never the case. The secret service and his friends and family have repeatedly stated that this was not true and that it was the figment of conspiracists' imagination.

Correction: This is irrelevant to the film. The film is a work of fiction and this is merely a character expressing an opinion - it does not need to be disproved. Please confine trivia items to information that actually has significant bearing on the film itself.


Corrected entry: When Lilly and Frank are talking on airplane about Frank protecting President Kennedy's dignity, Frank says, "Don't you go believing every rumor someone tells you." Lilly responds, "Frank Wilder told me the whole story." Clint Eastwood is Frank. Matt Wilder is other agent who told Lilly the story. (01:00:00 - 01:01:00)

Correction: She says "Frank, Wilder told me the whole story." She's just saying Frank's name and tells Frank that Matt Wilder told her the whole story.


Correction: She said "Frank, Wilder told me the whole story." Frank was addressing him, then saying Wilder told her.


Continuity mistake: The bullets that Leary removes from the keychain at the banquet are in a different position than they were when he put them in.

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Suggested correction: We see him put the bullets in the rabbit's foot at least a day before the assassination attempt. Plenty of time for him to open the keychain simply to check and make sure he is fully prepared. Which does fall in line with his meticulous nature.


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Frank Horrigan: You're looking at a living legend, Lilly. The only active agent who ever lost a president.

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Trivia: When the president goes to a town outside Atlanta, the footage is from President George Bush's visit to Woodstock, GA when he was running against Bill Clinton in 1992. They super-imposed the president from the movie into the shot.

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Question: When he was looking through the seating chart, how did Frank know that Boothe was James Carney at the presidential dinner?


Answer: Frank had reviewed and was familiar with the list of the attendees since he was concerned about an attempt, and when he looked at the faxed list of new bank accounts, the name Carney jumped out at him.


Answer: John Wilkes Booth killed Lincoln.

Not the question. "Booth" is just a pseudonym used by Mitch Leary (John Malkovich) at the beginning of the film, until Frank and the FBI figure out his real identity. Your answer is right insofar as that's why Leary called himself "Booth." But the question is, how did he immediately connect Leary with the name James Carney on the seating chart.

When he spoke with Sandy Riggs, the organizer of the event, Sandy Riggs said, "Be right back, Mr. Carney." Then when he read the name James Carney on the guest list, he made the connection.

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