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Corrected entry: During the 'know your limits' speech Bruce takes his shirt off and we can see that he is covered in cuts and bruises, yet when he's on the boat a day or so later he has no marks on him what so ever.

Correction: There is makeup called "concealer" for that sort of thing. Bruce is very wealthy so I'm sure he could afford plenty of the very best kind, and the stuff works wonders.

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Corrected entry: When Batman is using his sonar technology in the unfinished building near the end of the movie, the Joker's black eye make-up shows up on the image. However, it shouldn't, as there is no reason for this make-up to resonate differently than the paint on the rest of his face.

Correction: Without knowing what each type of make-up he uses is made of, there is no way we can be sure how each would resonate.


Correction: I re-watched this scene two times thinking the same thing. On closer inspection it is the dark lighting of the parking garage that makes his eyes appear brown. On some of the close-ups with the proper lighting (like when he is talking Batman) you can see the natural bright blue color of his eyes.

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Corrected entry: When Gordon smashes the bat-signal at the end of the movie, it is switched on. Aside from being a highly dangerous thing to do, there is no reason for the signal to be switched on in the first place. The whole point of Gordon smashing the signal is that the cops don't trust Batman, so they wouldn't be signalling for him. And it's not like Batman would answer it, since he already knows the cops are after him. Plus Gordon would probably get electrocuted since he used a metal axe.

Correction: A symbolic gesture - and a character choice, not a movie mistake. Gordon was there for Harvey's death and knows Batman will not respond. The wooden handle of the axe would protect him from electrocution.

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Corrected entry: After Batman dives to save Rachel when Joker drops her from the party for Harvey Dent, we don't see what happens to the Joker and his henchmen who are still up in the penthouse terrorizing party guests. It's left unaddressed how the Joker gets away.

Correction: Something being left unaddressed is not a mistake. Think about it for a minute. The Joker and his armed minions are left behind in a room full of notably unarmed Gotham socialites. Who is there for them to 'get away' from? Once the Joker, who you may recall is there specifically looking for Harvey Dent, established that his target wasn't present, they just left. There's nobody there to try to stop them.

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Corrected entry: When Bruce Wayne is done giving his speech about Harvey at the party, he goes outside and empties his champagne glass over the balcony. Yet, he doesn't have a champagne glass prior to that.

Correction: There are servers with trays of food and drink walking throughout the room. He could have grabbed the glass on his way to the balcony. The only purpose of this was to make it look like he was drinking thereby perpetuating the "party-boy billionaire" image. If he were holding a champagne glass in the middle of the room people would notice he wasn't drinking from it.

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Corrected entry: During the scene where the SWAT caravan is taking Harvey Dent to central lockup, the helicopter above changes positions in regards to the truck as they approach. It appears to fly overhead, then hit the wires, crash, and fall in front of them when it should have already been behind them.

Correction: They're looking out their windshield at it. If it were flying over head they wouldn't be able to see it that way. The helicopter is always in front of them.

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Corrected entry: Joker, being a notorious criminal, would be placed in lock-down/isolation in the county jail away from the rest of the everyday criminals.

Correction: This is an opinion, not a mistake. It's made entirely clear throughout the film that Gordon doesn't trust the staff down at County. While he's not entirely sure if he can trust his own men either, at least if he keeps the Joker nearby he can keep an eye on things personally. Plus the Joker's only in custody for, at most, a few hours, barely enough time to process him, let alone send him packing off down to County, even if Gordon was happy with the idea.

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Corrected entry: During the end of the car chase, when the Joker is out of his truck and Batman is on the Batpod coming towards him, you can see a store sign that reads "Chicago Supply".

Correction: Not really a mistake. I live in Georgia and we have a New York Tailor Shop, San Francisco Grill, Chicago Dogs. That could just be the name of the company that happens to be located in Gotham.

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Corrected entry: Alfred tells the story of when he was in the Army during the British occupation of Burma. The British left Burma in 1948. Alfred would have to be at least 80 years old for this to be a possibility.

Correction: Alfred never says that he was there as part of the British occupation, nor, for that matter that he was there as part of the British Army. The precise circumstances of his presence there are left extremely unclear. As such, the timeframe of his presence there cannot be stated with any certainty. Not to mention we don't know Alfred's age.

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Corrected entry: When the Joker gets out of the flipped over truck and trips, the sign on the right reads "Sweet Home Chicago" (the movie was largely filmed in Chicago). A bit out of place in Gotham City.

Correction: It is not unthinkable that another American town could be advertised in the city of Gotham by a tourist board or some other company.

Corrected entry: When Harvey Dent falls into the gasoline, supposedly covering only one side of his face, he is sputtering and spitting and splashing gasoline onto his lips and the "clean" side of his face, yet in the hospital there are no signs of minor burns on the "clean" side of his face at all.

Correction: The small amount spattered on his lips and the other side of his face would have either evaporated or been wiped off by the time he was set on fire.

Corrected entry: At the fundraiser for Harvey Dent, as the Joker is intimidating Rachel, he says "You've got a little fight in you. I like that," then we hear Batman say "then you're gonna love me" and he hits the Joker. There's no way he could have got so close to the Joker without being noticed earlier, considering it's a brightly-lit room full of party guests and several of the Joker's henchmen.

Correction: All eyes are on the Joker, and Bruce Wayne was trained to be a Ninja - to become "invisible" when needed. The combination of these elements makes it very possible for him to appear in the room undetected. In the words of Jim Gordon, "He does that".

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Corrected entry: Joker's henchman backs a stolen schoolbus into the bank's front doors. Despite the significant damage to the building, the bus suffers no appreciable damage, and it blends in unnoticed with a procession of other buses outside.

Correction: Shots of the bus inside the buidling show significant paint scraped off and a busted right-side tail light.


Corrected entry: Jim Gordon works in the major crimes division but wears a SWAT shoulder patch when the Joker is locked up.

Correction: Of course he is. He's supposedly dead until just before that point, and is disguised as a SWAT officer forming part of the transport team to move Dent to County. He just didn't change clothes yet - he's been a bit busy.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Harvey "Two Face" shoots the driver in Maroni's car, as the car flips over, you can see the Sears Tower in the background, obviously Chicago and not Gotham City.

Correction: Gotham is a fictional city. As such, there's no reason why it can't have a building resembling the Sears Tower.

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Corrected entry: Cillian Murphy appears in the beginning of "The Dark Knight" selling his drugs, but does not seem to be psycho, this doesn't make sense as he was poisoned in "Batman Begins" and his dosage seemed to be more than enough to make him crazy (as evidenced by Rachel's dosage earlier in that scene). He is normal and calm during the deal and isn't crazy or acting out.

Correction: The Dark Knight is set some time after the events of Batman Begins. We don't know what's happened in the interim. The effects of Crane's toxins may simply wear off with time, Crane may have found a way to cure himself (even when crazy, he's still a genius biochemist), or he may simply have found a way to live with his insanity - recall that when we last see him in Batman Begins, after he breaks out of Arkham, he's calling himself Scarecrow but is otherwise operating relatively normally. Any one of these would explain how he appears normal in his Dark Knight appearance.

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Corrected entry: After the hospital explosion, Commissioner Gordon calls in the National Guard. Only the governor can do that.

Correction: Gordon says that they'll need the National Guard. They could have shown Gordon contacting the governor, explaining the situation in detail, him agreeing that the Guard are needed, picking up the phone and making the call, but it would be a bit boring, don't you think? Waste of valuable screen-time? The filmmakers don't need to show every step in a process. Gordon wants the National Guard called in; the next scene shows them arriving. It's up to the audience to fill in the blanks.

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Correction: No. The Joker had forward momentum, yes, but the truck flipped so fast, he'd have smacked into the roof since that's what would have been in front as he continued forward. To put it another way, the truck rotated around Joker as he flew forward.

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Corrected entry: When the Joker comes out of the hospital as it is exploding, he gets on a school bus via the back door. If you look closely you can see a stagehand/technician close the door, and is visible sitting up and giving a 'thumbs up' to the driver to inform him that he is able to drive off.

Correction: The Joker has multiple henchmen, and the bus is loaded with hostages (including the TV reporter). Joker's men are at both ends of the bus, guarding the hostages, and the one at the rear simply helps Joker in, then signals the driver that they are clear to leave.


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Continuity mistake: During the interrogation scene, when Batman beats up Joker, Joker's hands are holding Batman's forearms upside down (from underneath). When the frame changes his hands are now on top of Batman's forearms, then it cuts back and his hands are under again. (01:28:00 - 01:29:00)

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Alfred Pennyworth: So I suppose they'll be arresting me for being your accomplice, sir.
Bruce Wayne: Accomplice?I'm gonna tell them the whole thing was your idea.

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Trivia: Off-duty Chicago Police Officers along with Officers from Elyria OH, Hammond IN, Buffalo Grove IL and Joliet IL played Gotham Police officer extras.

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Question: How did the bomb at MCU leave everyone else totally incapacitated, while the Joker was completely unharmed? I know he has remarkable tolerance for pain, but come on! Also, if he was wearing some kind of protective clothing, they would have discovered it. So how did all the cops get knocked out while the Joker just walked away?

Answer: Look where he's standing just before it goes off. The Joker's carefully positioned himself close to a set of heavy filing cabinets, which are between him and the blast, protecting his legs and almost all of his torso. As the bomb goes off, you can see him duck his head down, allowing the blast to pass him by almost completely. He gets to walk away unscathed because the blast never really hits him.

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