Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny

Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny (2006)

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Corrected entry: When JB opens the guitar case in the beginning he only unlatches one lock. But there are about four or five that still had to be unlatched before he opened it.

Correction: One clip will hold the case closed when you're carrying it. Its entirely possible there was only one clip done up.

Corrected entry: While JB is hallucinating his Sasquatch scene, at one point he is floating down a river (in the real world, not the hallucination). But after he gets out and climbs the tree, JB is not wet.


Correction: You can actually see he is wet, his hair and t-shirt are wet.


Corrected entry: According to the guy in the guitar store that Jack and Kyle go into looking for the Pick of Destiny, a spell was placed on the devil to stop him from coming back to earth until he got the Pick of Destiny back, but the devil still comes back to earth, just in disguise which, according to the spell, he is not allowed to do.

Correction: Seeing as the devil is supernatural, it's more than likely he found some loophole that allowed him to return to Earth. Such as going in disguise. Legend and stories featuring the devil are replete with him doing such things.

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When JB dreams about singing "Master Exploder" in the small bar, he points at one guy in the audience and literally blows his mind. When he starts pointing you can not only see JB's face, but also how his elbow is in a slight angle. In the next shot the camera shows the guy JB is pointing at and his elbow is completely stretched. The views change several times and the angle of his elbow changes after every cut, until the guy's brain is finally blown out.



Actress Amy Adams makes a small cameo during the "Master Exploder" sequence. She is the woman who mouths "I love you!" to Jack Black, and is subsequently covered with the brains of the man whose head explodes.