Home for the Holidays

Character mistake: Claudia says she is 40, her daughter is 16, it is referenced that it was a young pregnancy, however she would have been 24 when she had Kit, hardly abnormally young.

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Suggested correction: 24 is still young and she doesn't say anything about being "abnormally young." Plus, in 1979, the mean age for first time mothers was around 25.5 (rising to around 28.6 in 1995), so she was on the young side of first time mothers. If she had said she was a teenager when she got pregnant, that would be a mistake.


Continuity mistake: When all the guys are out in the yard playing football, Tommy says that his team was winning 59-0, but a couple of minutes pass by and he says the score is 34-0.

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Tommy: Well, that was absurd, let's eat dead bird.

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