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Corrected entry: When Kevin is running through the next-door neighbour's basement, there is a lot of water pouring down from the upper levels of the house into the basement (the burglar's had turned the taps on earlier on in the movie). Yet, when Kevin reaches the kitchen, the taps are turned off - where is the water supposed to be coming from?

Correction: When Kevin reaches the kitchen, he is confronted by Harry and Marv. The shot shows that the taps are turned on and water is leaking over the sides.

Corrected entry: When Kevin's mother realises she's forgotten her son and decides to return, she takes a plane, but the plane which she arrives in later is totally different.

Correction: She says to the person at the airline counter that she has flown on several different flights trying to get back to Chicago. She doesn't even know where she is at that moment.

Corrected entry: Kevin's dad calls the neighbour's house and leaves a message. How can he when he and the neighbors live on the same block and the phones are supposed to be out?

Correction: Since there are no workers fixing the phone lines, and Kevin called a pizza guy after this scene, that must mean that the phone lines have been fixed.

Corrected entry: During the head count, Heather (the girl counting heads) counts herself twice-once at the beginning and then at the end. So even if Kevin was there instead of Mitch Murphy, there would still only have been 10 kids, therefore another kid had to have been missing.

Correction: She does count herself twice but because Buzz was talking she put her hand on the blonde-headed girl next to him but doesn't say her number and if you pay attention to who she counted the girl should have been six, but she counted Buzz as Six. So she may have counted herself twice because she had forgotten to give the blonde-headed girl a number or she forgot she counted herself, but either way she still counted the correct number of kids there should be.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, Jeff McCallister throws his bag down the stairs vertically, yet, the bag lands horizontally at Joe Pesci's feet.

Correction: Depending on the weight packed inside and the angle at which it was thrown, the bag may have rotated in midair.

Correction: As that's a "depending" reply, you have to go with what we see and that's that the bag ending up horizontal at his feet. It should have been vertical.

Your logic is backward. What we see on screen is the bag rotating. Unless the movie shows something that indicates it could not happen, it is not a mistake.

New this month It's a movie mistake without question.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Harry and Marv are in Kevin's neighbour's house, when Kevin's dad calls, Harry picks up the phone to listen to the message, and the phone is on the hook. It shows him listening, then he calls out to Marv, and the camera looks at Marv, then when it returns to Harry, the phone is off the hook.

Correction: That's Marv who picks up the phone and the camera looks then at Harry (near the christmas tree) and returns to Marv.

Corrected entry: At the beginning, the mum is on the phone and right before Kevin jumps on to the bed, she was saying, 'No, we're not taking the dog, we're putting him in a kennel.' We never see a dog or any evidence of a dog in either this movie or its sequel.

Correction: There is mention of there being a dog. It was not said, but there was a dog door. So we never saw the dog, but it would have been possible for there to be one.

Corrected entry: When the robbers return to the McAllisters' house and are scared off by Kevin's fake "party," why didn't they notice that even though lots of "people" were inside, no cars were parked outside the house?

Correction: As a matter of fact, there WERE cars outside - in the garage (the same cars that made Kevin think his family hadn't gone to the airport.) The guy must have thought all those people were the large amount of people he'd seen when he was disguised as a police officer (he couldn't have remembered them all.)

Corrected entry: When Kevin is home alone, the phone lines are broken, so how could he order the pizza from Little Nero's?

Correction: A worker says in the beginning that the phone lines will be repaired - obviously, they must have gotten fixed by the time Kevin ordered the pizza. Why the McCallisters didn't call home and have Kevin answer is beyond me though.

Corrected entry: Kevin can manage to do the shopping, and work out how to use the washing machine; and yet he needed his mum to help pack his suitcase?

Correction: All mothers see their kids as helpless, and all kids usually end up taking advantage of it.


Correction: This is a major theme of the movie. Kevin (and his family) learn that he's not helpless. He could have packed his suitcase if he'd actually tried.

Corrected entry: Kevin sleeps in and doesn't get to go on vacation, but that night he was supposed to sleep with his cousin who wets the bed. If that kid had slept with him Kevin would have waken up with the kid.

Correction: Kevin did not sleep with his cousin at the end. When he and his mother where fighting in the entrance to the 3rd floor he tells her that his cousin wets the bed, and she said that they will put him in another place and not with Kevin.

Revealing mistake: As Kevin is flying off the front porch on the toboggan, you can see the small wheels mounted on the bottom of the sled to aid in its "jump". (00:25:30)

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Check-Out Woman: Are you here all by yourself?
Kevin McCallister: Ma'am, I'm eight years old. You think I would be here *alone*? I don't think so.

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Trivia: The infamous black and white movie was called "Angels with Filthy Souls." In "Home Alone 2," it was called "Angels with Filthier Souls" - it was a sequel, as was Home Alone 2.

William Bergquist
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