How to Eat Fried Worms

Continuity mistake: In the beginning scene, when Billy and Woody are on their way to the new house, Woody is seen eating a bean burrito. There is glob of beans on his hand that disappears in the next shot, but appears again in the following shot.

Continuity mistake: When Billy's Principal is introducing him to his class on his first day of school, Billy's name is already written on the blackboard behind him. There is a shot of the class saying 'hello' to him and when the camera returns to Billy, the blackboard is clean and his Principal asks him to write his name on the board.

Continuity mistake: When Billy's dad is getting coffee right before his boss asks him to play tennis, the coffee machine sprays him, but in the next couple shots, there is nothing on his shirt.

Continuity mistake: On Billy's first day at the new school, he writes his full name on the board, but in the following shots the handwriting continually differs.

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Continuity mistake: At the Brown Toad, when Adam fries up the worm and eggs, it is served to Boilerhead, and the eggs differ between following shots.

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Continuity mistake: On Billy's second day of school, in the first shot of the teacher at the board she writes something like "long division - (a bunch of numbers) 5 (divided by symbol)". But a few shots later, when it shows her again, the writing on the board only says "long division". Half of her writing has been erased. (00:13:20)


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