Crank (2006)

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Chev makes a deal with Verona, the cure for his brothers necklace. Verona agrees and Chev meets him at his place. Verona doesnt give him the antidote, but Chev had the Chinese mafia, led by the man he didn't kill, come in and save him from being shot. Verona tries to escape via helicopter. Chev chases after him and hangs on to the chopper. They fight some and Chev is pushed out of the chopper, pulling Verona with him. Chev kills him midfall. During the remaining minute or so of falling, Chev calls his girlfriend and basically says hes sorry. He falls onto a cab, bounces up and lands right in front of the camera, seemingly dead (We are not meant to know as he blinks, so the fall could infact have been the cure)

Jarth Mader

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When the guys in the Impalas are chasing Chevy and his girlfriend from the sweatshop, the last car hits the fence. Right before the car hits the fence a guy is hanging out of the window (meaning it's open). After Chevy walks up and finishes the guys off and turns around the angle changes with the car behind him and the window is up. Chevy would have shot it out EVEN IF the guy rolled it up.