Continuity mistake: When the guys in the Impalas are chasing Chevy and his girlfriend from the sweatshop, the last car hits the fence. Right before the car hits the fence a guy is hanging out of the window (meaning it's open). After Chevy walks up and finishes the guys off and turns around the angle changes with the car behind him and the window is up. Chevy would have shot it out EVEN IF the guy rolled it up.



Continuity mistake: In the car chase scene where Eve has her head in Chevy's lap, he shatters the passenger window of his own car while shooting at the bad guys. A few seconds later the outside of the car is shown and the window is up and intact.

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af4dable Premium member

Continuity mistake: Chev Chelios drives over to Orlando's hood and enters the Sin City Decibles bar. When Chev pushes Orlando into the bathroom holding a gun to his head, Orlando's thugs enter pointing their guns at Chev. The tall bald thug in the middle has his arm fully extended when the camera is shooting from a bird's eye view, but when the camera switches to a side view he is closer to Chev and his arm is bent, holding the gun closer to his own body.

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Question: Is there really such a thing is the "The Beijing Cocktail"?

Jason Riley

Chosen answer: No. I'm sure something similar could be created, but it would not have the same properties as shown in the film.

Phixius Premium member

Question: I heard talk of a sequel. Does this mean that Chev survived and the fall was the antidote?

Chosen answer: That would depend very much on the nature of the sequel. It may be intended to feature the original character, in which case he must have survived. Alternatively, the sequel may be intending to use an entirely new character in a similar situation, in which case Chev's fate is open to debate.

Tailkinker Premium member

Question: After falling from such a height, wouldn't Chevy's body be a bit more flat than it was, even though he bounced off the car at the end?

Chosen answer: Well, yes, but the whole movie is full of stuff that couldn't really happen, like the walls of the club bulging out while Chelios was fighting everyone inside.

Phixius Premium member

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