The Legend of Custer
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Custer: Is that Captain Reno bearing down on us?
Captain Myles Keogh: Oh, then you're acquainted?
Custer: Captain Reno never quite got over the fact that I followed him in West Point and now he follows me. The salt that really burns the wound is that I graduated 34th in a class of 34.

General Alfred Terry: I want you to take a close look at your new command - the scum of the Earth. No enlisted man in uniform can be arrested or tried for any civil offense. That makes the Army a hideout for thieves, renegades, murderers... throw in a few foreign immigrants, professional soldiers and ex-Confederates and that's what's become of your glorious Seventh.

Captain Marcus A. Reno: The boy general. You'd think they'd have more sense then to reinstate him.
Captain Myles Keogh: Why not?
Captain Marcus A. Reno: I've served with him before. Look at him: 28 years old, arrogant, conceited... never mind, you'll find out.
Captain Myles Keogh: Aye, I'm lookin' forward to it.

General Alfred Terry: For the record, I don't like you. You're too sure of yourself, too much your own man.
Custer: Then why did you bring me back?
General Alfred Terry: Because, by the Almighty, you're a soldier. There's another kind of war brewing out here on the frontier. We're going to need every trained man we can get.

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