The Hitcher

Revealing mistake: When Jim is at the first gas station trying to reach a phone, he walks outside and John crashes through the garage at the side, if you slow it down you can see that the door to the garage is made with cardboard or paper, or some other soft material. (00:21:20)


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Suggested correction: According to this site's rules, if you have to use slow motion to see something, it's not a valid mistake.


Continuity mistake: When Jim eats at Nash's workplace, in one shot there is no napkin, knife or fork in front of Jim's plate. Then when Nash walks away it cuts to another angle, and now there is a knife and fork on a napkin. (00:28:00)


Continuity mistake: When Jim stops for coffee in "Roy's Cafe," John sits opposite him, and if you watch closely in one of the shots, the plant behind Jim gets knocked over, yet a few shots later it's back upright standing in its container. (00:49:15)


Continuity mistake: When C. Thomas Howell is looking in the mirror, in the shots taken from above the mirror, it is not that dirty. Yet, when it cuts to a close up of the mirror, it is filthy.

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Question: When John dives from the prison truck through the windshield of the Sheriff's truck, the windshield glass breaks (not shatters) as a flat, house window would break. I don't know when safety glass was first introduced, but can anyone confirm if the glass for this type of vehicle would actually break this way?

Answer: The windshield glass would have not broken this easily (like regular window pane glass in your home or such). I am going to guess that kind of glass hasn't been used on car windshields since at least the early 70's, if not before. The Sheriff's truck didn't appear to be that old, either.

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