Highlander II: The Quickening

Continuity mistake: Near the end of the movie, Katana and Blake are worrying about the possibility that MacLeod has spoken with Neyman and knows the exact coordinates of the hole in the shield. That's odd, because a few scenes before we see Katana and Blake monitoring MacLeod as he speaks with Neyman in the prison Max. There Neyman tells the coordinates. So they know he knows.

Continuity mistake: During the big fight scene near the end, the baddie manages to drop the hero down an elevator shaft in a warehouse. The scene ends with a shot looking up the shaft at the bad guy laughing demonically, looking pretty mucky and with hair all over the place. Cut to the next scene where the bad guy appears in a room where the shield beam is generated. Now he is completely clean, has a different hairstyle, and if I remember right has a completely different costume on. (This is because the final fight is actually a combination of two separate scenes - the scene in the elevator shaft was originally meant to come halfway into the film, but the scenes around it were cut, so it was added into the final battle. It has been restored to its original place in the "Renegade" cut of the film, but this mistake is still present in the theatrical version).

Continuity mistake: At the end of the film after Connor defeats Katana, he drops to the floor into a large puddle of water, but in the next shot from the side, he's no longer in any water.

Continuity mistake: Everyone seems to enjoy swapping swords in this movie. MacCleod begins with the shortsword he takes from the porcupine headed guy, Ramirez takes a rapier from the Hamlet play, Katana has a huge broadsword. As the film progresses Ramirez suddenly acquires his original Japanese sword which MacCleod later has in spite of not pulling it from the ground where Ramirez puts it in the fan room, then MacCleod suddely goes back to having the shortsword and finally he has Ramirez's sword again, and Katana magically has the shortsword with his broadsword dissappearing completely.

Continuity mistake: When General Katana (Michael Ironside) comes down to Earth from Zeist, just before he is transported the camera pans down his body showing a bare hand yet, when he crashes through the roof of the train after arriving, he is wearing gloves.

Continuity mistake: Connors legs gets shot quite badly in the car, but in later shots, there are no bullet holes in his jeans.

Continuity mistake: When Connor leaves the room where Ramirez is holding back the big fan, he's wearing a Max Security jacket. In the next scene when Connor enters the building to go fight Katana, he's now wearing a long overcoat. In the next couple of shots after the elevator collapse, he's back into a Max Security jacket.

Continuity mistake: When Connor and Ramirez get shot at in the car at Max, the final shots of the shooting show Connors body half out of the open door, with his legs getting shot. In the next shot where Louise Marcus is escorted out of the trunk, she looks into the car, and now Connor is leaning against Ramirez, and the door is shut.

Continuity mistake: When Connor is in the car, he's wearing tight jeans, but when Connor goes to find Katana, they have a shot of Connors legs going up the stairs, and he's now wearing loose fitting trousers.

Revealing mistake: At the beginning, when all the guys are running away from the explosions in the war, you see a guy getting thrown into the air, but the black kickplate that propels him into the air is clearly visible.

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Juan Ramirez: You've remembered almost everything I taught you.
Conner MacLeod: I've had a lot of practice lately.
Juan Ramirez: There is no substitute for experience.
Conner MacLeod: What experience? You've been dead for five hundred years.

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Trivia: The producers didn't want to make a sequel to the original, but were pressed to do so by foreign investors due to the original being a hot-seller on VHS. During production, filming became a nightmare, as the script was constantly being re-written to contrive different ways to continue the story, and the film went over budget, causing the insurance companies involved to take over production and further "mess with" the storyline and effects to get it done quickly and cheaply. Director Russell Mulcahy was so ashamed of the finished film, he walked out of the premier before the end of the first act, and co-stars Christopher Lambert, Sean Connery and Michael Ironside have all admitted that the film was absolutely terrible. Lambert only finished filming because he was contractually obligated to the sequel, whereas Connery only made the film due to his friendship with Lambert and the steep paycheck he received, which he wanted to donate to charities he supported.


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Question: Can anyone give a reason as to why he was made younger after being hit with that gas tanker with the lips? It's true that he was once again immortal, but that doesn't mean that he should've reverted to the age he was in the first film.

Answer: Killing another immortal grants you their life energy. The energy returned his youth and powers.


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