Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

Continuity mistake: You see Ricky Bobby is racing with the giant Fig Newton sticker on his windshield, when he is crashing it disappears.

Kevin Worsfold

Continuity mistake: In the long crash scene at the end, the Perrier car loses the front passenger side tire in the initial flip, but in the next shot it is attached to the car again.

Continuity mistake: When Ricky is talking to Carl Jr on the phone a pillow behind him disappears then reappears in different positions several times during the conversation.

Continuity mistake: When Ricky is praying, when Carly and Ricky are talking back and forth, you see Cal's hand changing positions between shots. In one of the shots right before they "do it" on the table, they show Ricky, then show Carly, and when they show Carly, Cal has a beer in his hand for that second only.

Continuity mistake: When Ricky tries to come back from his crash and pulls in the pits, he throws his helmet to the ground and starts running away. When he's down to his underwear, his helmet is back on.

Continuity mistake: When Ricky is signing autographs and signs his assistant's head, the almost completed signature on the left side of her head (viewer's right) changes between when he stops signing and when she apologizes for standing. (00:11:05)

Continuity mistake: After Ricky drives his dad's car there is much damage to the driver's side. Near the end, when his dad is waiting for him outside of the racetrack, though the car still has damage to the driver's side, it noticeably differs.

Continuity mistake: At the beginning, when Ricky Bobby is a baby he pulls the car out of the parking lot and turns and you can see that he uses both hands to turn, but later we find out that he uses one hand to turn and the other to push a bat to push down the gas pedal.

Continuity mistake: During the final crash at Talladega, Ricky Bobby's car is upside down, but on the laptop screen from which Lucius is tracking the race the car is right side up.

Continuity mistake: When Ricky and Cal are arguing before the final race, Carley does not have her sunglasses on in one shot, but when the camera cuts to the next shot from over Ricky's shoulder, they are suddenly on, with no time for her to do so.

Continuity mistake: Before Ricky starts the first race, there is an orange strip of tape on the steering wheel, but in the following shots it's not there and then reappears.

Continuity mistake: During the first "Grace" scene at his mansion, the drink level moves up and down in Will Ferrell's glass.

Continuity mistake: When Ricky Bobby is playing basketball with the people in wheelchairs, at the end of one quick shot, he's about to stand up from the wheelchair, then the camera cuts closer and he is sitting down.

Continuity mistake: In the beginning when Ricky Bobby is praying, his glass moves left to right a few times, and then disappears when his wife is making out with him.

Continuity mistake: When the cougar is by himself in the car, the exterior shots show him standing, while the interior shots show him sitting.

Continuity mistake: In one race scene, Mike Joy says that Jamie McMurry is in the lead. The shot changes to a blimp shot that CLEARLY shows that Matt Kenseth (17) is in the lead.

Continuity mistake: When Ricky Bobby is pinned to the snooker table by Jean Girrard someone hands Ricky a beer. The camera cuts to Jean and back to Ricky and on return the beer has disappeared.

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the movie when Ricky takes over, he is already wearing his wonder bread outfit when it was still the laughing clown.

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