Revealing mistake: In one shot when the boat is pulling away from the waterfall, you can clearly see that the shot is the same one they used earlier in the movie. The water from the waterfall now is going up the cliff! They have just put it in reverse.

Revealing mistake: When the Voight character throws a bucket of monkey blood over his captives, you can see the blood makeup on them before the 'blood' is supposed to hit them. In fact, the 'blood' doesn't go near them - it is thrown diagonally so that it does not hit the supposed target!

Revealing mistake: When Eric Stoltz and J-Lo are watching the fireflies, the camera angle changes and the fireflies (and indeed all the animals you can hear) stop their activity, you can see if you look closely a net of Christmas lights in front of the camera which were used to create the flashing fireflies.

Revealing mistake: When Gary is attacked by the snake, as it's wrapping around him, his arm passes right through it.

Factual error: During the first battle with an Anaconda, the 55-gallon fuel drums lashed to the deck of the riverboat are swept over the side, where they sink to the bottom of the river. This plot device drives the rest of the movie, since the boat must make a dangerous detour through "Anaconda country." There is just one small problem with this: Fuel drums full of diesel fuel or gasoline float on water. The fuel in them makes them buoyant. It would have been a simple matter for someone to get a rope or a boathook and retrieve the fuel drums before they floated away.

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Warren Westridge: Asshole in one.

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Trivia: The original theatrical trailer for this movie includes the scene where Gary (Owen Wilson) is grabbed from behind by the snake and pulled backwards but the CGI snake hadn't been added in yet so you just see Gary falling backwards. This trailer is available on YouTube.

Jack Vaughan

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Question: Is there any truth that an anaconda will regurgitate its prey so it can keep feeding, or was it made up for the film?

Answer: A snake can regurgitate its food, but they do this mostly if they are in danger or stressed, not to go after another prey or swallow it again so it's easier to digest. The food is usually quite a weight on their body and takes long to digest, so the snake could regurgitate it to become mobile again if threatened.


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