Plot hole: Three gunshots were fired for Kurt and Ram's "double suicide" and almost two minutes pass between shots 2 and 3. Doubtful two police officers could think they shot each other.

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Suggested correction: An officer could think that one boy shot the other twice, killing him with the second bullet, before that boy was successful in killing him. The remaining boy would then kill himself. "Shot each other" might be a sloppy description, but basically, Kurt and Ram are both dead. There is a letter - forged by Veronica - which "reveals" that they were a couple. No signs of anyone else being involved. The police consider it a "double suicide" because they believe the letter.

Interesting theory, but I respectfully disagree with your correction. Three gunshots to two dead bodies, each with one bullet wound, would arouse suspicion despite what a letter found at the scene says. If one of the boys killed himself, there would be some evidence to support that such as powder burns around the wound or powder residue on his hands. In fact, a forensic scientist would have performed a GSR test on the hands of the shooters to confirm they did in fact fire the weapons.

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Courtney: If I got that money, I'd give it all to the homeless. Every cent.
Veronica Sawyer: You're beautiful.

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Trivia: Veronica Sawyer and Betty Finn's names are a combination of the girls from the 'Archie' comic books, and Mark Twain's characters Tom and Huckleberry.


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Question: Based on the ending, when Veronica invites Marsha to hang out, I have the impression that she doesn't intend to confess her involvement in the fake "suicides." People will continue to think that Heather was depressed, and Kurt and Ram were secretly gay. Is there some reason, other than jail, for her to let everyone keep believing the lies?

Answer: People who were bullied by Heather, Kurt, and Ram might feel better because of the faked suicides: they believe that the bullies were actually struggling with issues. As one boy says, he now thinks that Heather quit dating him because she was dissatisfied with her own life, not because he wasn't good enough. In the locker rooms, a girl tells Veronica that she thought Heather was just a bitch, but "guess I was wrong."

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