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Dean: Do you have any idea how much therapy you people need?

Jack's Mother: Uh, what it is you do, Mr. Staggliano?
Vinny Staggliano: College professor.
Jack's Mother: Oh! Uh, what do you teach?
Vinny Staggliano: College stuff. What are you, a fucking cop?

Dean: No more conning! No more! If you're gonna be my wife, you're gonna live a respectable life, chopping cars.

Jack Withrowe: Look, I'm willing to explore the whole being dominated thing, okay? But let's just take it slow.

Jack Withrowe: Tell me to my face you don't love me.
Page Conners: I don't love you.
Jack Withrowe: Wow. More believable than I thought it would be.

Max Conners: I'll protect her.
Dean: From what? From love?
Max Conners: From pain.
Dean: Love is pain! Life is pain. You can't protect anybody from it, it's always gonna get you. But sometimes, life could also be good. But you got to be open. You got to takes chances. You got to let go.

Jack Withrowe: My car doesn't drive so well with a tree in it.

Dean: Marry me... again.

Max Conners: Mothers are death.
Page Conners: Can't argue there.

Bill: Well, Jack, looks like she got a free drink and one of your balls.

Page Conners: Look, just give it to me, or would you rather have my heel up your ass?
Jack Withrowe: Who told you I'm into that?

Max Conners: Forget it. You're not gonna kill yourself and stink up my new car.

Page Conners: I'd have to kiss that?
Max Conners: Well, I'd have to kiss that way more than you.
Page Conners: Maybe you're into necrophilia.

Page Conners: Why can't we pick someone kinda cute?
Max Conners: Dean was kinda cute.
Page Conners: You're in serious denial.
Max Conners: Cute is dangerous. Cute leads to feeling, which leads to screwing, which leads to screwed.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Page (Jennifer Love Hewitt) follows Jack onto the beach, and she falls over into the mud while clambering through the bushes, Jack finds her on the floor in the mud and helps her up. When she stands in front of him, she's clean, with no mud in sight.

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