The night that Tensy proposes to Page's mom/Ulga (Sigourney Weaver), he dies... and that same night, Dean locates Page's mom, proposes to her again and realizes that she and "Wendy" (Page) are a couple of con artists and that they're really mother and daughter. Dean really wants his money back and Page marries Jack for money (even though she really likes him). On the wedding night, Page's mom tries to seduce Jack and supposedly succeeds. Page and Jack divorce and she gets money. Page's mom pays Dean and tells him that on the wedding night she drugged Jack's drink and he wasn't really seduced. Page's mom tells her daughter the truth and Page gives Jack his bar again, they get back together and she tells him her real name (he thought her name was Jane). Dean and Page's mom become a con team and Dean cons Barbara.

Revealing mistake: When Tensy's body, which Page and Max wrapped in a sheet, falls over the hotel balcony and then hits the ground, you can tell it's a rubber dummy because of the way the uncovered right foot jiggles.

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Dean: Do you have any idea how much therapy you people need?

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Question: Why did Max want to scam Barbara at the end?

Answer: Because Barbara stole all the money that Max and Paige had scammed from people over the years. She wants it back.

Grumpy Scot

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