Corrected entry: When they complete the scheme with Ray Liotta in the beginning of the movie, Weaver tells Hewitt that they only received a certain amount (way lower than what they really got). However, near the end of the film when Liotta wants his money back, Hewitt asks her mom where they're going to get the money from, and she says the actual total, even though Weaver never told her how much she really got from him.

Correction: When they go to the bank in the beginning of the movie the IRS lady mentions that 200K they owe can be covered by the settlement to Ray Liotta. Page gives her Mom an angry look knowing her Mom lied about the amount she got in the divorce.

Corrected entry: When JLH gets married, her hair is pulled straight back when her veil is lifted, but in a later scene when Liotta tells her to drink up, she has a headful of curls.

Correction: Her hair is pulled up the same way in both scenes. In the later scenes it is not curly but has just come undone from the bun, which would happen at an outside reception where it is windy.


Corrected entry: When all of the main characters are on the boat, Ray Liotta fires a gun at the fish in the water. Not only does the water not jump but nothing comes out of the pistol.

Correction: You can see flash when he shoots. The camera is zoomed in on him so you cannot see the water where he is shooting, which is off in the distance a bit.


Correction: After she crashes her car, she visits him in the hospital. The next scene is when she goes round his house, so there is nothing to suggest that there wasn't a few days in between her visiting him and then going round his house, giving enough time for the car to be fixed.

Corrected entry: When Jennifer Love Hewitt calls Dr. Davies at home, you can see that her phone has no signal (the symbol in the bottom left of the screen has no bars above it), yet she is still able to get through to the maid.

Correction: Sometimes mobile phones can make calls without there even being one bar of signal.

Corrected entry: If Page and Max were really con-artists, the scene at the bank was all wrong. Yes, Barbara was Max's friend, but still it's wrong. If they were con-artists, wouldn't they have many different accounts, not just one? Each time they do a con, and Max gets married, they have a different name.

Correction: Because Max and Barbara are conning Paige, they are lying to her. Max probably has more then one account for each different name, but they are telling Paige there is only one so that she continues conning with her mother.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie when Paige and the boss are getting a little frisky Paige gets her hair caught in his zipper. He later forcefully tries to get it out but if it's a wig it should fall off.

Correction: The whole idea of Paige is NOT to let the hair out of his zipper, in order for them to get caught by her mother. Probably the hair was never stuck in the first place.

Correction: As she is walking, you can hear the wig hit the ground after she dropped it behind a car.

Corrected entry: In the scene outside the bar when Page is in her car talking to Jack on the phone, in the close up shots you can clearly see she has eyeshadow on only one eye (her left), but when the camera pulls away for shots through the windshield, both her eyes clearly have shadow on them.

Correction: I just watched this and her eyeshadow was on both eyes the entire scene.


Corrected entry: When Page runs away from the beach after she and Jack have their first date, she is not wearing any shoes. However when she pulls up at her hotel and runs inside you can see the same sandals she wore when she met Jack.

Correction: They don't show what happens after she runs away, she had plenty of time to stop and put on her shoes on the way back to the car, or before she got into the car.


Corrected entry: When Page is putting the liquid substance on Tensy's car phone, it's just a few drops, but later when he picks up the phone a gush of water comes out.

Correction: She doesn't use a few drops, she uses quite a bit, covering the entire keypad with the liquid.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Page is caught kissing Jack and she is confronted, Page is in her mother's face, then she turns and walks away. You can see her walking away, and then in the next shot, she's back in front of her mother.

Correction: Page begins to walk away but turns back and walks back to her mother to deliver the next line.

Continuity mistake: At the end of one of the scenes on the beach at night, when the camera sweeps back, the superimposed stars move with it.

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Dean: Marry me... again.

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Question: Why did Max want to scam Barbara at the end?

Answer: Because Barbara stole all the money that Max and Paige had scammed from people over the years. She wants it back.

Grumpy Scot

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