An Unfinished Life

An Unfinished Life (2005)

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Jean Gilkyson admits that despite both of them being tired she lost the coin toss to her husband to drive, she ended up falling asleep at the wheel which flipped over sixt times ending Griffin's life. Nina reveals her only daughter drowned so she understands how Einar Gilkyson feels. Mitch Bradley after seeing the bear that mauled him locked up, convinces Einar and Griff too let him (the bear) go, so late one night both spring the bear loose, during which Einar is hospitalized. Mitch encounters the bear on it's way back too the mountains and this time it leaves him alone. Despite being warned off by both Einar Gilkyson and Sheriff Crane Curtis, Gary Winston returns to take back his ex and Griff, prompting a severe beating from Einar that sends a battered Gary backing. Einar convinces Jean that his grandaughter can be schooled here in this Wyoming town and she agrees.

Continuity mistake: When Mitch is eating the sandwich brought to him by Griff, he originally takes a bite out of the right corner of the sandwich. A later scene shows him taking a second bite but it is now on the left side. A few scenes later, the bite mark returns to a single bite mark on the right corner of the sandwich.

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Mitch Bradley: They call 'em accidents cause it's nobody's fault.

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