An Unfinished Life

Factual error: Toward the end of the film, when Gary is riding a bus from Wyoming through Nebraska he should be traveling towards the east. As the bus pulls away from the stop near Loma, Nebraska the sun is on the left side of the bus, indicating that it is traveling to the west.


Jean Gilkyson: I flipped a coin. Griffin fliped a coin and I lost. So I was the one who was driving. It was 3 o'clock in the morning and we were both tired. We wanted to make it in time for the rodeo in Great Falls.

Nina: I thought you said you were used to being on your feet.
Jean Gilkyson: I'm not used to telling everyone I meet where I've been the last ten years.
Nina: Well... tell 'em you went crazy. Tell 'em you've been locked up.
Jean Gilkyson: That's what I've been telling 'em.

Mitch Bradley: But what I can't do is to continue to lie here every day and watch you mourn for a life you think you should have had. There are people everywhere who think they got dealt a bad hand, Einar.

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