The Thief Lord

Continuity mistake: When Hornet is pretending that Victor is trying to kidnap her, she lets go of his jacket to get away. In the following shot, she is seen letting go of his jacket again.

Continuity mistake: When Bo is on the ledge of the window while trying to escape his aunt and uncle, several pieces of the ledge break off. When they show him from an above angle, there is no damage to the ledge at all.

Other mistake: After they discover the money is fake, Victor calls Prosper "Proper".

Continuity mistake: When the fight is going on in Ida's house towards the end of the movie, Hornet takes Bo to the back of the room, away from the fight. Several times between shots, Bo disappears, but Hornet's arms remain circled around as though he was still there.

Continuity mistake: When the Thief Lord and the other kids are giving Conte the wing, there is a red lantern hanging from the back of Conte's boat. But when the boat sails away, the lantern is now white/yellow.

Other mistake: When Prosper and Bo meet the Thief Lord, Prosper breaks character by smiling at the Thief Lord when he talks about the things that roam the streets at night.

Victor: Now, I think we'd better go inside before we become a tourist attraction.

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