The Thief Lord

'The Thief Lord' as Prosper puts it, "was a little rich boy's game" due to Scipio's uncaring father whose only concern for his son is for him to be far more disciplined than he already is. All the items Scipio's been nicking have come from his own home, prompting his urchin band to turn their back on there once admired leader. Barbarossa informs the whereabouts of Bo to his aunt and uncle, Esther & Max and he's taken away. Prosper with the rest of the destitute orphans rescues him. The object in question that the Thief Lord is meant to steal for the Conte and his sister Contessa is a part to a merry-go-round. After the money turns out to be fake they learn from a nun, Sister Antonia that this particular merry-go-round alters time and can make a child or teenage an adult or Vice versa. Scipio and Prosper sneak onto Conte and Contessa's island to find that the siblings are now children, both reveal that as they never had childhoods they're redoing them again. For their efforts they offer a ride on the merry-go-round but only Scipiro climbs aboard and becomes and adult. Barbarossa shows up wanting to ride the machine for his troubles, but his weight breaks the machine reducing him back to a toddler in the process. Ida and Victor disguised as adoption representives have him (Barbarossa) adopted by Esther and Max, while Ida and Victor take care of Bo, Prosper and the other orphans, with Scipio as his new assistant. The last we see of Bo & Prosper is them shoving their aunt and uncle off the docks into the sea as an adolescent Barbarossa seething with rage at being stuck in his current position.

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