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Trivia: Stan Lee, the creator of Spider-Man, makes a cameo appearance when Peter Parker is reading about Spider-Man getting the key to the city. He is the man that walks up and talks to him.

Trivia: While taunting Spider-Man about Mary Jane in the final battle scene, Venom says, "How's that sound, tiger?" He says the same line in the 1990s Spider-Man animated series.

Trivia: Each of the black suits used in the film cost $30,000.

Trivia: Director Sam Raimi's daughter makes a cameo appearance as the little girl who sells her camera to J. Jonah Jameson near the end.


Trivia: At the event where he is given the keys to the city, Spider-Man shouts "Shazam" as he makes his entrance. This is the catchphrase of Captain Marvel in the DC comics, the main rival to the Marvel comic book franchise.

Trivia: Composer Christopher Young appears as a piano player at Mary Jane Watson's rehearsal scene.

Trivia: Topher Grace is never referred to as "Venom" once in the entire movie.

Trivia: A great deal of Flint Marko/Sandman's storyline was edited out of the film by the studio due to the long run-time. One scene early in the film showed that the scientists who accidentally created Sandman were racked with guilt when they discovered they might have activated the machine with a person inside of it. Another scene had Sandman visiting a doctor researching his daughter's rare disease whom he had been corresponding with in prison. Yet another scene showed him following his daughter around in Central Park, and morphing into a giant sandcastle that she plays with. And finally, his daughter was going to appear in the final battle, and would appeal to her father to stop hurting people and living a life of crime to get money, as she accepted that she was going to die no matter what. Her words would be what convinced him to seek forgiveness from Peter for accidentally killing Uncle Ben.

Trivia: Spider-Man 3 combines all three Raimi brothers. Sam Raimi as the director, Ivan Raimi as one of the writers and Ted Raimi as an actor in the role of Hoffman.

Trivia: The stunt during the final battle when New Goblin knocks Venom through a wall using his sky stick, was achieved using two Venom stunt doubles and filmed in one shot. The first stunt double crashes through the wall while the next is thrown through the second wall.

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Trivia: Reportedly, Kirsten Dunst had recorded so many variations of screams, whimpers and gasps during production of the first two films, she didn't need to record any new ones for this film... the production had a massive library of unused screams from the previous films at their disposal.

Trivia: Producer Grant Curtis makes a cameo as the armoured car guard who is attacked by Sandman.

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Trivia: When Mary Jane is looking through her cell phone, most of the people's names are some of the location managers.

Trivia: All the webs on the balloons in the scene where Spider-Man gets the key to the city were hand drawn with a Sharpie.

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Trivia: The "sand" that is used when actors need to be buried in sand or attacked by Sandman was actually ground corn.

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Trivia: The 60's Spider-Man theme is played when he gets the key of the city.


Trivia: The way Brock gets the black suit from Peter in the church is exactly the same way he does in the 90's cartoon TV show.


Trivia: After the release of the film, the studio was keen to make at least two more films, and many of the actors in addition to director Sam Raimi signed contracts for a fourth and fifth installment before it was canceled. Tobey Maguire reportedly had a "play or pay" clause in his contract due to the possible time commitment they would have required, and received a rather substantial upfront payment for the movies despite them eventually being canceled.

Trivia: The script went through a lot of changes during pre-production. At one point, Sam Raimi and James Franco were working together to hone the character of Harry, and they came up with an alternate version of the story where Harry had become a violent but freewheeling playboy who had a group of super-powered showgirls (called the "Goblets") in his penthouse that he had treated with the performance enhancers and would serve as his lovers/bodyguards. Although both Franco and Raimi found the idea absolutely hilarious, it was quickly cut for obviously being way too far over-the-top.

Trivia: The only entry in the trilogy with a score not composed by Danny Elfman. Elfman and director Sam Raimi had a lot of conflicts during production of "Spider-Man 2", and had a falling out. Elfman and Raimi eventually settled their differences and have since started working together again, including notably on the film "Oz: The Great and Powerful."

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