Spider-Man 3

Harry (having become New Goblin) attacks Peter early on, but gets hit on the head and loses his memory. Peter saves Gwen and because of his ongoing fame, gets a big ego, and kisses Gwen for his public, making MJ really mad. The symbiote latches on to Peter, making him aggressive. He goes after and "kills" Sandman, believing that Sandman intentionally killed Uncle Ben. (The shooting was really an accident, but Sandman isn't dead.) Harry regains his memory and makes MJ break up with Peter to hurt him. Furious, Symbiote Peter confronts Goblin Junior, severely wounding him with his own pumpkin bomb. Symbiote Peter also exposes the photo fraud his new competitor, Eddie Brock. Eddie gets fired, and is furious at Peter. Bad Pete uses Gwen to make MJ jealous, and then hits her in a symbiote-induced fury. He flees to a church, struggling with and finally shedding the symbiote suit, which captures Eddie, making him Venom. Sandman and Venom join forces, kidnap MJ, and challenge Spider-Man. Spider-Man cannot defeat them both, and asks a disfigured Harry for help. Harry turns him down, until Bernard (the butler) tells Harry that it was not Spider-Man who killed Harry's father (the original Green Goblin). Harry shows up in his Goblin Junior suit and rescues Peter. Harry chases Sandman away, and gets mortally stabbed by Venom while protecting Peter. Peter uses sound waves and a pumpkin bomb to defeat Venom/Eddie. Harry dies in Peter's and MJ's arms. Peter and MJ reconcile.

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Mary Jane Watson: What's happened to you?
Peter Parker: I don't know. But I have to stop it.



During the fight scene with Sandman in the armor car, the Terminal Tower can be seen in the background, which is a landmark in Cleveland, Ohio (where the scene was shot), not in New York city.



Stan Lee, the creator of Spider-Man, makes a cameo appearance when Peter Parker is reading about Spider-Man getting the key to the city. He is the man that walks up and talks to him.