Half Baked

Half Baked (1998)

Ending / spoiler

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Thurgood (Dave Chappelle), Scarface and Brian (Jim Breuer) (and with a little help from Jerry Garcia) put Samson away in jail by wearing a wire. They cut a deal with the cops to get Kenny out of jail. Thurgood quits smoking weed so he can be with Mary Jane.


Continuity mistake: In the scene when Scarface is suggesting that they sell marijuana to raise the money to get Kenny out of jail, Thurgood picks up and bites a piece of pizza. He then sits on the back of the couch and the slice of pizza appears in his other hand twice.

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Brian: You said you gave Mary Jane a pearl necklace.
Thurgood Jenkins: Obviously you missed the whole point of that story, Brian.

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Trivia: You will notice that the three main characters wear the same basic colors of their work uniforms throughout the whole movie: Thurogood=blue, Scarface=red and yellow, Brian=something tye-dyed.

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